Have a Safe New Year You Stupid Ass – A Public Service Announcement From The Movie Blog

Hey there folks, John here to wish you a safe and festive New Years Eve! Help to keep it safe by not drinking and driving.

No, wait a second… that’s not enough. Everyone is always so damn polite when asking “Please don’t drink and drive”. Awww… isn’t that nice. Let me put it another way:

If you have a couple of drinks and then get behind the wheel, then you are a frickin asshole. You should be castrated immediately and be thrown on the ground to allow the fathers of drunk driver victims to stand around and piss on you. Big rocks should be thrown at your face and little kids who have lost a parent to dicks like you should get free shots at kicking your throat. You are not only taking your life in your hands… YOU’RE TAKING MY LIFE IN YOUR HANDS TOO cause I’m going to be on the road along with a million other people… and no offence, but I don’t want my life in the hands of some moron who’s to stupid to bring cab fair or make arrangements to sleep where they’re partying tonight. So drink tonight, get smashed if you want and have a ton of fun… but don’t drive afterwards. If you do, I hope you contract a nasty form of flesh eating disease that only strikes your private parts… you ass.

(this friendly public service announcement is brought to you by the letter B and your friends at The Movie Blog)

Update: Rich (the Scottish one) here. I wouldn’t normally mess with ‘the big man’s’ posts, but I felt it appropriate in this case, and I hope he doesn’t reserve that same treatment above for me now!

I echo John’s sentiments by saying don’t be an arse. There are too many wasted lives in this world of late, don’t be responsible for more. Have a wee dram but dinnae drive.

May I also wish you all a very good Hogmanay and a safe year ahead. It’s been great joining the MovieBlog these past few months and I look forward to a good year of posting and discussions. Cheers!

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