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dodgeball2.jpgI think it’s safe for me to say that Dodgeball was in my top 3 favorite comedies of 2004. Not in terms of being that great of a movie, but more because it got more hard laughs out of me that any other films this year. Granted, it’s more of a gender specific movie I think. I watched it again on DVD the other night with my girlfriend (who had never seen it before) and she just kept looking at me with a confused look on her face that sort of said “what are you laughing at? You actually find this funny?!?!”. Yes, yes I did find it funny.

Now, the good folks over at Coming Soon have posted a story that suggests a sequel could be in the works. Here’s what they had to say:

I met ED’s Justin Long at the Rio Ranch and Conference Centre here in New Mexico last week. He’s filming a movie in the area called Dreamland with John Corbett. Long story Short: We gushed about Dodgeball and he had some good news for fellow fans – the film was a huge hit at cinemas, and the director has been contacted by the studio about doing a sequel sometime this year. Justin said he’s yet to be contacted about it, but he’s heard third-hand that it’ll be ‘everyone’ back.

This kind of rumour gives me mixed feelings. One the one hand I loved Dodgeball and would like to see more… but on the other hand a part of me feels like it doesn’t need a sequel. And besides, a Dodgeball 2 wouldn’t have Rip Torn in it, who in my opinion was hands down the funniest character in the film. Oh well… I guess we’ll wait and see.

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4 thoughts on “Dodgeball 2

  1. I don’t think that the movie’s humor is necessarily gender specific. My husband and I saw Dodgeball at the theater, and I absolutely loved it. Laughed the whole way through. I think whether a person enjoys it has a lot more to do with their own personality and sense of humor than what gender they are.

  2. I got Dodgeball as a white elephant gift at my office Christmas party this year and couldn’t wait to get home and watch it. One of Stiller’s better efforts from the last couple of years. Definitely got some belly laughs out of me.

    Three weeks later, I got Dodgeball again, this time at my family white elephant gift exchange. Thankfully, my 12 year-old cousin stole it from me in the exchange.

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  3. I think a sequel could work fine. I mean the first movie didn’t have any real plot. Just funny bits and people getting hit in the face by a rubber ball. You can probably do that again and screw things up too bad.

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