Soul and Glaser working on new Starsky & Hutch movie

I had read this before on some site and just saw it again today in the Guardian film summary and realised that it must be true.

David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser have been working on a treatment for a new Starsky & Hutch movie in a less comical vein.

According to the story:

…reunites their cardigan-toting, crime-busting alter egos on the mean streets of London.

Apparently they will be in the starring roles, here’s hoping that the chemisty that made the series so great in the first place has endured everything that these actors have faced in their lives. Lord knows they’ve both been through some very hard times since their rise to fame. Could it work?

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  1. Omg. I can’t wait to see if they really do something like what they’re talking about. I would love to see the duo go at it again, because of the fact that I wasn’t alive to see the series in action. The recent movie with Ben and Owen was good but it just didn’t have the love and buddyness that the origianls had. Dave and Paul are the people to do this they both are very sucessfull and have got everything it takes and more. I say good luck to the both of them whatever they decide to do.

  2. This was a new one on me — and no one over here seems to have picked up on it… S&H were (and are) very popular in UK — it was required viewing every Saturday night. And it led to many enduring friendships. BUT can a ‘new’ movie work? I’d like to see it — the Stiller+Owen remake was embarassing. The chemistry just wasn’t there. And it was the chemistry between the two protagonists that made it more than just another cop-show. I guess we just have to wait and see…

  3. I am an original S&H fan. The original series recently returned to television (Chicago), and I have been taping (on VHS) each and every episode for my library. I truly enjoy watching the chemistry between them and thought it was a great show. I personally would love it if they did something again for television. My personality is a lot like David Soul’s (except for the fact that I am female). I have a quiet nature and love writing poetry. Signed, JC

  4. I am an original S&H fan. The original series recently returned to television (Chicago), and I have been taping (on VHS) each and every episode for my library. I truly enjoy watching the chemistry between them and thought it was a great show. I personally would love it if they did something again for television. My personality is a lot like David Soul’s (except for the fact that I am female). I have a quiet nature and love writing poetry. Signed, JC

  5. I agree a Movie would be great and I dont care if it is at the theaters or on TV I would watch it and buy It I have the DVDs the soundtrack it is form the beest years of my life great memories for me and I have been a cop for 25 years and still am and even so the show was corny sometimes the job is all that corny sad violent and good friends who will stand up with you to face it all that is what I always saw in Starsky and Hutch the remake with Wilson and Stiller was only good because of the music clothes and the appearance of Glasser and Soul I see that some of the Fan Fiction Writers voiced opinions here if they read please keep writing Fan Fiction for Starsky and Hutch I love to read it and I feel some of the Fan Fiction Writers could write or use some of their stories for scripts Please Please Make the Movie

  6. I forgot to add this. I loved the Stiller and Wilson remake. It didn’t try to recreate the original, thankfully, and it stood on its own while giving a bow to the originals. If they did a sequel, I’d love it.

  7. Trying to recreate what they did so many years ago is not something I see happening. I’d rather not see it. The original series is enough for me.

    The idea of them doing a movie together (not as Starsky & Hutch) does appeal to me. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Put it on some cable station to avoid an embarrassment at the box office.

  8. I was offended and deeply disappointed in the Stiller and Wilson remake. Many a long time fan
    of the Original Starsky & Hutch have been waiting for a reunion movie, on TV or otherwise.
    It doesn’t have to be Starsky & Hutch, but seeing
    Glaser & Soul working together again would be wonderful! Yes, I could work wonderfully,and with
    Mr. Glaser writing the screenplay, would be wonderful also!

  9. I’ve been looking on the the internet for two years to see if there was any information on a tv reunion. I really think it should be on tv. Then again, if the script is good the die hard fans will be the first ones lined up to check it out for themselves. I really think the Ben stiller movie made a mockery out of the tv show. If a sequel ends up on TV and isn’t cheesey I think it would be so good that they will do mor like the COlombo and Rockford Files movies.

  10. I grew up with Paul and David…they are in my heart since I watched them the first time on the small screen…they taught me so much than I really can thank them today…all their values and feelings towards life and each other keep filling a gap in this world often confused…in all these years many many people of all ages have felt like me, and even today other young people join the first S&H fans generation…that’s why both Paul and David had something special to give us through their and our Starsky and Hutch…something that goes beyond time and space…..
    I am here along with all fans worldwide to hope in this film with Paul and David starring again…it doesn’t matter if their names won’t be Starsky and Hutch anymore, because of the lack of rights…ALL OF US will recognize them!!!
    We WANT our ORIGINAL Starsky and Hutch!!!!! We WANT to FORGET soon that film with Stiller and Wilson…
    How is it possible to accept it?????????? Where are our Starsky and Hutch??? How was it possible to create two “characters” that have NOTHING in common with the original and OFFEND the MORAL VALUES of the real Starsky and Hutch???? Is the world changed so much???
    Paul and David…PLEASE…..give us again our heroes….we can’t wait for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I hope they’ll do it. I grew up with the original S&H and I will love to see them again.
    They are so talented and capable of delivering something realy special. It will be unique and something that the S&H fans have been yearning for a very long time. We kind of deserve a reunion of Paul and David.
    And as someone wrote here already, Paul and David are the ones who deserve this more than anyone!

  12. I didn’t see the remake movie of Starsky & Hutch, ’cause that’s just not Starsky & Hutch,
    Glaser & Soul are. As a longtime fan of the TV series, I have been hoping for a reunion with
    Glaser & Soul of some-sort. When watching it for the first time in the 70’s I found their police
    work as fascinating as they way they interacted together off the job. “Chemistry”. It’s so rare that a viewer sees this chemistry that Paul & David have, that I have yet to find another TV show or two other
    characters whom I feel the same way about.
    Whatever Paul & David decide to do with their movie plans, I will support it 100%.

  13. Wouldn’t it be great to see David & Paul together again? I think since the original S&H was a TV series, the TV movie would be the way to go, but ANYTHING and ANYWHERE would be wonderful.
    The chemistry and love between them was still so obvious during all the PR they did for the Starsky & Hutch movie – who wouldn’t think it would be the same in a new film?
    Hope, hope, hope that this is true!

  14. Yeah !!! This is great. Like so many have said before me Paul and David have earned this. I along with many other of their fans hope that they will get the backing to do it. I was 14 years old when Starsky and Hutch first aired and I fell in love with Paul and his character Starsky right away. And now 30 years later I found that I haven`t lost my zeal for the show or Paul. But the greatest thing that I remember about the show wasn`t just the differences between the characters but the incredible bond and strength of friendship that the two …actually the four main characters had. Dobey , Huggy Bear , Starsky and Hutch showed us what is was to care about someone with unconditional love. Maybe I`m exagerating this but I don`t think so. So yes, I am all for a collaborative effort between Paul and David. I saw the 2004 movie and while I did think it was funny, I think it did our guys wrong. Hutch for one was not a bad cop and Starsky was definately not the more serious of the two. The Movie really lacked what the original show was based on. Love and passion between two friends…more like two brothers. And who better to bring it into the present than Paul and David themselves…The original Starsky and Hutch

  15. I think a sequel with Paul and David, if well written, will be a great hit. Nobody can replace these characters. The recent fim remake simply re-drew the characters. It was a ‘fluffy’ film which bore no resemblence to the originals.
    Fans of the originals just want to see Paul and David work together again. they have a relationship that nobody can copy. I wish them lots of luck. Can’t wait.


  16. A movie (television or motion picture) built on the foundation of love and trust, which was what the original Starsky & Hutch TV show epitomized, would be a wonderful thing to have happen. While I thought the 2004 movie was a comical tribute, it was not the tribute that fans of the show, would have preferred. The character of Hutch, as portrayed in the movie, bore no resemblance to the caring, considerate, compassionate, dedicated cop and friend, that was portrayed by David Soul. If there is to be a Starsky and Hutch movie with Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul, I believe it will not fail their faithful viewers. The show was built upon love, I would, as a fan, expect nothing less from them.

  17. It would be an honor and a privilege to see these two highly trained, very versatile and wonderful actors together again–whether they are reprising their roles, or doing something different altogether. Finding a way to add Antonio Fargas into the mix would be a plus!The pairing of Stiller and Wilson was a pathetic attempt to re-create the magic of Glaser and Soul and Fargas for that matter. My only consolation was the brief cameo appearance made by the two talented gents at the end of the movie. A gazillion cheers to the idea of a reunion with Mr. Glaser and Mr. Soul on screen–big or small, makes no difference. Watching them act together is a magical experience.

  18. Like a lot of other people, it seems, I really hope that this project does get off the ground and onto either the large or the small screen. I am a fan of both of these guys and have been ever since I first laid eyes on them in S and H, when it was first broadcast in the U.K. back in the ’70’s. It used to empty pubs on Saturday nights and I think that it was largely due to the chemistry between the two and the commitment to the quality of the show which they both showed, often against the odds.
    I have followed their careers since the show ended as much as I could and believe that both Paul and David have the foresight and common sense to write their characters realistically in an up-to-date set of circumstances and setting. Love the fact that it would be set in London, which would make the film different enough that the other differences from the origninal ’70’s show would not stick out in a negative way.
    However it turns out, I have to say that you’ve gotta love these guys for still having the incredible friendship after all these years and that they’re willing to show that they can still think fondly of their most famous characters enough to want to let us in on how they’re doing these days.
    I have quite a few digits crossed …

  19. I’m a first generation fan and would LOVE to see this happen! However, that said, I’d have to say that I personally feel that if Paul and David were to get together and do a reunion movie, that it should definitely be on the small screen. A wonderful two-hour movie on a major network (or cable channel) would led more credibility to the series after the (imo) disappointing “take” on the show through that horrid S&H movie. I’ve never seen the movie, but the trailer alone was a complete insult to the series. Let’s get the REAL DEAL (Paul and David) together to show them folks in Hollywood how it’s really done! ONLY Paul and David can EVER be Starsky and Hutch. A series that began and ended on the small screen should stay there, imo…UNLESS a remake can truly do justice on the big screen. Well..a remake was made into a complete farce of the series. Why use the same medium to compete with it? There IS no comparison. Paul and David have nothing to prove. They (and only they) ARE Starsky and Hutch. Let them have their reunion on the small screen where the folks who thought the movie was so great can truly see the difference.

    I WOULD, however, concede to a definite big screen movie where both Paul and David got to do something totally different from their S&H roles. Their onscreen/offscreen chemistry is what made/makes them and their show unique and it would be wonderful to see this bond magnified for all the world to see. No matter what they do, though, just seeing them together would be cake for me-SO SWEET.

    STARSKY & HUTCH (Paul and David) RULE!!!

  20. Ever since the show ended, the fans have been hoping for a reunion movie. For a long time it seemed unlikely that it was ever going to happen. Now that it seems to be a very real possibility it’s definintely exciting news. Paul & David are without question my 2 favorite actors. I think the interest is out there and it would be a huge success. I would love a Starsky & Hutch reunion, but I would also love to see them work on a different project together. However it happens, I’ll be watching!

  21. The Starsky and Hutch movie was so disappointing. Its ONLY redeeming quality was the cameo by Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul. I certainly won’t waste a penny on the sequel if PMG and DS aren’t in it, but I’d be thrilled to see them star in a Starsky & Hutch movie or anything else they wanted to do. Everyone knows it’s the magic between these two men which made the show what it was. It’s criminal how they’ve been treated. I wish WB would do the right thing and give the credit where it’s due, ancient ‘contracts’ notwithstanding. Best of luck to PMG and DS. They’re THE BEST!!

  22. I would love too see paul and david back together again.either a movie or tv would be great whatever they do. we the fans will be there 100%

  23. I can remember when the movie, The Legend of the Lone Ranger, was being made. Universal had bought the ‘rights’ to the character; therefore, Clayton Moore (who was still making public appearances as the masked man) was told to cease and desist. In other words, in order to promote what would later become the biggest western disaster film in history, the suits pulled the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger. Except this time the almighty dollar didn’t win. True, Clayton Moore didn’t get to wear the mask ever again. But Universal ended up with egg all over it face. Sometimes the good guys win even when they lose!

    So, I’m wondering how this miracle is going to happen considering Warner Brothers expended a minor fortune to acquire Starsky and Hutch. Even in the so-so film (made golden only by the appearance of Glaser and Soul in their wonderful two-minute bit), the originals seem to pass the torch √¢‚Ǩ¬¶ uh √¢‚Ǩ¬¶ Torino √¢‚Ǩ¬¶ to the next generation.

    Whatever the case, if there’s even a ghost of a chance of seeing these two marvelous actors on stage or screen together one more time, I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen. Chemistry, friendship, charisma — call it what you might, but once upon a time those two guys had it! And, except for two short minutes in the S&H movie, we haven’t seen anything even close to ‘it’ in nearly 30 years. I think it’s time the boys were back in town!

  24. I am also among those that saw Starsky and Hutch when first televised and my images of the two characters were formed by Glaser and Soul. The friendship of these two men definitely translated onto the screen.
    Would the same chemistry be there if they did a “updated version of S&H”? No. Glaser and Soul have changed, grown as people just like everyone else. The characters they portrayed are colored by our memories. Also no matter what was decided for Starsky and Hutch’s future, there is going to be a large portion of their fans that are disappointed that ‘such and such did or did not happen’.
    If they decided to work on a “new” project, I would be interested in seeing what came out of their collaboration. They are both intelligent talented individuals. It was good to see them together once again in the movie. Supposedly, they visit each other regularly but that is part of their private lives and none of the fans business save our pleasure at knowing that the friendship of Starsky and Hutch is still alive after all these years.

  25. I’ll definitely watch anything they put together… I’ve admired, loved, watched, and supported everything Paul has done… a S&H reunion sounds great to me – and I think a TNT special or something would be perfect…

    You know what… why settle for a movie? I’d like a season… just one… a show of them today… pick up where they would be if it’d kept going… If the right people got behind it, it could be the next “new” thing… I’m tired of reality TV anyway… give me my escape : )


  26. I would love to see them back together…not crazy about the London local though…Bay City was their beat and should be there…why London? Because David wants it there? Who knows, but I’ll watch it wherever they set it!

  27. I DEFINATELY think they should do a real Starsky and Hutch film. They have so many fans around the world! Althought they’re great apart, I for one, love seeing them together. The chemistry is still there(You can’t fake that!) If all the fans, in all the different countries sent Paul and David $1 I reckon they’d have enough money to make the film. There’s that many of us!

  28. Iam a fan of Paul Michael Glaser
    and I love watching the Dvds I have
    of Starsky and Hutch, I am going to
    buy season 3 when ever it comes out
    Next Yr.

    I would love to see Paul and David
    doing something together.

  29. I would love to see David and Paul together. I saw the Starsky and Hutch movie and felt like I paid the admission price just for the cameo. I am not particularly fond of either Wilson and Owen and didn’t like the movie. No body can ever take the place of Glaser and Soul as Starsky and Hutch. That would be like trying to replace “the Duke” as Rooster Cogburn!

    I would go see anything that the two of them did together and look forward to a movie project.

  30. Yes, yes, yes! Sure Paul and David have aged (and very well, I might add), but so have we. Anything they do together would be great, and they have so many fans, I think it would be successful, too!

  31. I would do anything for a new movie in which David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser play their old roles, Starsky & Hutch, Sam & Harry or whomever else. They are incredible, together.

    I must admit, I’m not entirely happy with the idea that everything we love about the show – the firm relationship between Starsky & Hutch – will be taken away from us in the form of some ‘reunion’ story. To me, that just destroys everything the original show was about, and breaks my heart. After the final episode, you were lead to believe NOTHING, not even the threat of death, could split the two of them up, and now we’re being told, through this reunion storyline, that they DID split up ? What could possibly be strong enough to do that? Please, Lord, don’t let it be a woman.

    Regardless, though, I would be happier than anything in the world to see this happen. It’ll be a dream come true to see those two perform together again on the screen.

  32. Only PAUL&DAVID are Starsky&Hutch, NOBODY ELSE LIKE THEM! They created the characters, they created the feelings of the show, their bodies and souls are in Starsky&Hutch!!! What is that commedy with Wilson&Stiller??? Oh my God!!! Unbeliveble!!! …perhaps is just the mirror of our empty society? Where is the real soul of the show? Where are that scenes that make me cry and laugh madly when I see the original episodes? Where are all those values that only Paul & David can give us??? Only P&D, TWO BODIES ONE SOUL, can give us those emotions that’s sure!!! I need the intense, sweet, funny PaulMichael-Starsky&David-Hutch duo!!!I love them!!! Their deep friendship (in real life too!!!) is the answer to my dream and hope…there are still values in this world!!! I love the way they love each other because it’s real! I want Paul & David on the screen!!! I need them!!! Please guys do it, just do it!!! I can’t wait to see you guys in this movie!!!! Do it!!! I love you guys! Togheter you are the perfection! We want your intelligent way of acting and do everything!
    I want this movie!!! With all my heart! God bless Paul&David!

  33. I’d really love to see Paul’s and David’s chemistry on the “big screen” and I think they’d do a wonderful job… I’ve seen some tv actors try to make it on the big screen and flop miserably but Paul and David are both very talented actors and strong enough to come across in a feature length, big screen movie…

    I also think the British setting would be a big kick [wonder if they’d pair up with Bodie and Doyle of CI-5 to solve a crime? ;) ] and would be far enough removed from Los Angeles (okay, Bay City… jeesh!) that there would be little room for comparison between the original series, the movie, and Paul’s Starsky and David’s Hutch…

    As far as the movie with Stiller and Owens? It was ‘okay.’ I did find myself laughing quite a bit at some of the antics… I’m not much of a Stiller fan, but it was obvious he did his homework. I had heard that he was a long-time S&H fan, and it was apparent in his portrayal of Starsky…

    I adore Owen Wilson and have enjoyed his movies, both comedy and drama, but I’m afraid that he was as far removed from Hutch as I am from the Queen of England!

    All in all, I would stand in line hours just to see Paul and David again… Starsky & Hutch are still a BIG part of my entertainment life…

    Kari Masoner
    Denver, CO

  34. There is only one Starsky & Hutch–Glaser and Soul. It would be terrific to see them together again as my favorite TV characters. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s at the theater, on TV, or just a video release, I’d be first in line to see it. The only thing I enjoyed about the Wilson/Stiller film was the original stars’ cameo at the end.

  35. I would love to see Paul Glaser and David Soul on screen again as Starsky and Hutch. My 15 year old daughter just loves them and so do I….this is the show that bridges the gap between me and my teen. I loved it when I was her age, and now she loves it.

    I can’t wait for this to happen!

  36. “Starsky & Hutch” started as a telefilm crime drama and it would be only fitting to end as such.

    The Keystone Kops had their chance…

    Now it’s time for the real deal to step forward and show how it’s done.

  37. I think that anyone who watches S&H the tv show can see how fantastic the chemistry between Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul is. I bought the first season DVD on a whim after seeing the movie and thinking it was funny. I never saw the tv show before and oh-my-god I was hooked so fast. The originals are a million times better and more interesting than Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson (and I love Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) but there really is no comparison. Paul MIchael Glaser and David Soul are amazing together.

    Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul rule. I would watch them in anything and I would love to see them together again as Starsky and Hutch.

    They’re hot!

  38. Paul and David together again as Starsky and Hutch? This is wonderful! I love them!
    We’re all 25 years older, for this reason I want to see what happened to these guys in the last years, to feel Starsky and Hutch more real and closer to me.
    Starsky=Paul Michael Glaser, Hutch=David Soul, NOBODY ELSE!

  39. Wow! Totally wow guys. I can’t believe the level of support for this. Perhaps I should email the thread link to the appropriate site contact addresses?

    Thanks for the discussion guys, and keep it coming!

  40. As an original fan of the Starsky & Hutch series, I have waited for many years to see David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser work together again. I would love anything that they would do together, but a reunion of Starsky & Hutch would be my preference. David and Paul breathed life into those characters, and they are the ONLY Starsky & Hutch, as far as I am concerned!!! They have incredible chemistry, and they are magical together!!! Their real life friendship of almost 30 years just adds to their chemistry. I think that they could make any project work. I am certainly looking forward to it!!!! We love you, Paul and David!!!

  41. I to agree totally with Pam !! PLEASE !!! BRING IT ON !!! It would be a fantastic idea !!
    The bottom line is they ARE STARSKY AND HUTCH !! and will be forever more in many people’s hearts..

  42. I would love to see David and Paul make a reunion movie. I watched the Ben and Owen movie and is was good for a comedy. But I didn’t like how Hutch was done, it was sooooooo way off base. I wish they would have have stuck with the true story line. But I loved seeing Paul and Ben together that was almost scaring, Ben did Great.

  43. Paul and David returning as Starsky & Hutch? Fellow fans, our prayers may have finally been answered!
    I mean, the movie with Stiller and Wilson was funny, but they are not now and never will be Starsky & Hutch! The best part will always be the cameo by PMG and DS.
    Only one set of actors, partners and friends in the truest sense, can ever be “the REAL Starsky & Hutch”.
    You go boys! Show those Hollyweird idiots they’ve been wrong all along!
    It’s “Me and Thee” time, boys!

  44. I think they could have made a reunion movie on tv years ago but Paul Glaser didn’t want to. As for bringing back a tv show for a big hollywood movie…where have you been? I can name several “big hollywood movies” that were based on tv shows….Charlie’s Angels, Beverly Hillbillies, Leave it to Beaver, Mod Squad, SWAT…and many more that are in production or pre-production…Dukes of Hazzard, Miami Vice, Bewitched….Why not Starsky and Hutch? It was a popular show and it’s Hollywood’s solution to lack of originality to take something that was a success years ago and re-do it with current big names.

    S&H the movie couldn’t have been anything but a comedy with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson…they are funny, they do funny well. If they played it serious they would have had to have hired different actors.

  45. Ok…I would love to see a Starsky & Hutch movie with soul and glaser more than anythin, that would be great! But i would also love to see another Still and Wilson movie as well, and well, that one is already in pre-production. so we will see it. BUT!

    Alot of you are bashing the stiller/Wilson flick because it did not represent the characters right or whatever the reason, this was a prequel, it was set before the TV show. so maybe the characters changed over time…anyways my main point is, if you are a starsky and hutch fan, you were glad to see and hear that a movie was being made no matter how silly it was or no matter how much it wasn’t a “glaser/soul” flick.

    Truth is, if they had made the stiller/wilson movie serious like the show, it would have flopped huge, sure us fans would of went and seen it, but first of all theres a HUGE generation that knows nothing of S & H, and i am that generation, i am 19. so Hollywood does what it does best with a project like this and gav the best of both worlds.

    It gave the original fans somthing to love which was just the fact that there was going to be a S&H movie and it gave the new fans and new kids a chance to see a prequel to a old TV show starring 2 new hot actors and of course a HOT car!

    The movie, was not a mistake and was great! i want to see another one of those and i want to see glaser and soul again! But if you are a true S & H fan, you will be happy with what you get, cause really, what were the odds that they would even bring back this TV show for a big hollywood movie? not good, and IF there is a glaser and soul movie to come out, you have no one to thank for it BUT the stiller/wilson movie. If that were not made, this message board would not even be here!

    a TRUE fan…

  46. I would love to see Paul and David work in something together again. I don’t think that a big screen version on S&H starrring the 2 of them was ever an option or is part of the plan now, but something on tv would be wonderful. I wonder why ABC hasn’t jumped on this idea.

    But if Paul and Daivd as Starsky and Hutch is in fact impossible, I would love to see them playing different characters. It doesn’t matter as long as the chemistry is there, and it is. If you saw them on those entertainment programs together earilier this year you would have to admit they’ve still got their wonderful timing and banter down. It seems to come so naturally to them.

    I hope they get the chance.

  47. I grew up with David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson! They taught me honesty and loyalty, and to believe in such an intense feeling that is friendship.
    I were not what I am without these principles, the same that induce me to support this project: Paul and David have still a lot to say through Starsky and Hutch’s words, acts and lives.
    I may say a thousand of other things to explain why fans and non-fans deserve that they realize this movie.
    But the emotion that Starsky and Hutch give me says more than any explanation.

  48. I don’t really care what they do as long as David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser do it together. I’ve only been a S&H fan for 1 1/2 years now, but I fell in love with it at once. That special friendship that shows in every epi is truly something that sets this show apart from every other cop show then or now. I hope they get to do a project together. I will certainly go see it.


  49. No matter what the project is about, I love the idea of Paul and David together again a movie. If it’s a S&H reunion, the better, of course.
    We all fans all over the world want them together, and hopefully they could get Antonio to join them. Maybe even Bernie Hamilton.

    OK, hope this really gets to a good end, and we could enjoy their image on TV or the big screen real soon.

  50. I think it’s a great idea. As a matter of fact They could start production sooner if they used the script I wrote for them. It’s better than the London idea and does not reflect the old series except to say that the two of them used to be partners on the force. It’s a multi-murder mystery with a high-tech coorporate takeover and the added twist of a personal obsticle that they must overcome in order to work together to bring down the bad guy. It’s been setting on the shelf for awhile…sure wish they would consider it.

  51. I hope so much that the will make that movie! Please, please, please! It would be so great! I don’t know what to think about the Stiller/Wilson film. I didn’t like it that much but it was funny. It didn’t really feel right and I was also embarrassed somehow. I would like to see my brother (I always wanted to convince him of the quality of the old show) how good the real S&H are!

  52. I’d like that this movie will be made, to give a closure to the most important television series of the 70s:
    one of the first shows that,with courage, has dealt with some problematic topics, especially for that era. A series that gave us deep emotions that helped us to grow up with other people,and, above all,with ourselves.
    The recent movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson had nothing in common with the spirit of the original show,because of the lack of the story,and because, even if actors are good, only the original, Paul and David, can interpret the spirit of the 70s series, the real David Starsky and Kenneth Hutchinson, with their strength,their weaknesses and their fears.

  53. This is a wonderful idea!!!!!!!! Paul and David together in a movie: I can’t wait for it!!!!
    I really admire Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul as actors and as men. And, above all, I love them for their incredible chemistry that nobody can imitate and for their 30 years long friendship!
    I’m sure that this movie will be made, because there are many fans like me that have never stopped to love Paul&David and that desire to see them together again!!
    I hope that a network will decide to produce their project soon.

  54. I would love to see Glaser & Soul in a new movie either at the theatre or on tv. I just hope it is shown here in the US. I bet it will be better than the new imposter movie was. Good luck to PMG & DS…

  55. I am so excited just thinking about David and Paul doing a film together especially if its Starsky and Hutch.Owen and Stillers S&H was fun but the original actors made S&H a series that had fun as just one element but centred primarily on their relationship with one another that has survived to this day. I hope they get the backing they need. They deserve it.

  56. I hope they’ll do it. I grew up with the original guys and felt a little betrayed by the Stiller/Wilson movie. For me there is and ever will be just one original S&H and that’s David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser. They stand for loyality, trust, honor and honesty. Besides I always had a crush on the blond half of the duo–still have*g*.

  57. I have been a fan of Starsky and Hutch since i was 8 years old. Every week they would capture my total attention on them. There was just something about them, so warm,caring,loving,good,cute,funny and also smart,cool tough cops. Paul Michael Glaser was my first major crush. I was 12 yrs old in 1979. Over the next 9 years. I caught a few rerun shows by chance and my eyes just glued to the screen. I knew I had a crush on Starsky. I mean
    His pictures were all over my wall. He was a total FOX. I hadn’t thought about Starsky in years. Then in 1988, I was a cashier in a supermarket and i saw the tabloids about Paul’s tragedy. I was reading it between customers and i just had to close my line and go to the restroom and cry. I couldn’t believe it. I mean Starsky, PMG was hurting and it just tore me up inside. He was in my heart. Not everybody has a favorite celebrity that they truely care about. Not every celebrity can bring true happiness into someones heart that they don’t even know. I lived in a childrens home from 1975-1979 and watching Starsky and Hutch with my cottage sisters is a big part of what made memories for me of a happy, normal childhood. It would be awesome to see Glaser/Soul in a new Starsky and Hutch movie. I don’t even know why i’m saying all this. I’m sorry it’s so long.

  58. I am very, very excited about a Glaser & Soul project. It’s something that I have been waiting a long, long time for. Surely there would be a draw to the theatres to see them. They certainly can’t do any worse than some of the dreck and constant stream of TV remakes (that were cast without the originals!) that Hollywood is pumping out now.
    Paul Michael Glaser and David SOul certainly deserve their chance to make a movie – thier way.

  59. I think the wealth of voices I’ve just read on this blog speak for the enduring power of the original series, with the original actors, much the same way that same series continues to draw new fans almost every week. If the power of “Starsky and Hutch” didn’t exist…why would Stiller/Wilson and Sony have bothered to resurrect it? They knew they had a market, that’s why. They knew they had a brand-name that was easily recongized. Smart fellas, huh?

    That says something – and I agree that Messrs. Glaser and Soul should have their chance to ‘dance’ one more time – whether it’s as S&H or whatever they choose to do, let them have their rightful day back in the sun – they’ve more than earned it. S&H wouldn’t have the legs it did/does were it not for them. Ben Stiller said that, in so many words, IIRC.

    For those who’ve only seen the movie – go buy the 1st and 2nd Season DVD’s and watch them…you’ll see what we’ve all been talking about here. It will be, as someone else said here, an unmistakeable difference. We know because we’ve been fans for thirty years.

    Roll on, guys!

  60. I’ve been hoping this would happen for years. In fact, I pretty much begged PMG in my letter to him some time ago to do something with DS to commemorate the 30 yr. anniversary of S&H.

    S&H/Paul and David were such a big part of my childhood growing up in the 1970’s. Those of us “original” fans knew they were something special at the time. Now, fans who have recently gotten into the show because of the S&H Movie, are also anxious for the pair to be partnered up again. Let’s face it.
    The ONLY decent thing in the entire S&H movie was the cameo by Paul and David. Well, the Torino was a nice touch too.

    DVD’s are wonderful and fan fiction helps fill that void to some extent. But nothing is better than the original. The chemistry; the intensity; the passion; and the bond between these two guys was unreal. I’ve never seen anything else like it. You can’t watch this show without seeing it. It’s crystal clear and what truly set them apart from any other cop show. They weren’t just cops,
    they were best friends first. That is the underlining endearing quality that keeps us coming back for more.

    Both men are so talented and capable of delivering something special. Will it be the same in every aspect as before? No. But it will be unique and just what we diehard S&H fans have been yearning for for a very long time. I’d like to think as loyal fans, we kind of deserve a reunion of sorts from Paul and David.
    But in all honesty, THEY are the ones who deserve this more than anyone. Hey, sometimes the last, long awaited dance is the best one of all.

    Here’s hoping this comes to fruition. Whatever the outcome,
    I will always love these guys. Period.

  61. Personally, if the whole movie was about Paul & David sitting on a front porch and talking about the weather, I would be watching.
    Paul & David, through their characters, Starsky and Hutch, let us viewers get a glimpse of true friendship and what unconditional love is.
    Their love for each other shines as brightly today as it did then and that is what the magic of the show was and is.
    Just, please, if this dream does come true, have the movie focus only on them (with Huggy and Capt. Dobey, of course) and please do not bring in any Starsky and Hutch rugrats to appeal to a younger audience.That kind of ploy has ruined many a movie in the past. There are plenty of us original fans and we are not going anywhere!
    Whatever shape, size and form this movie comes in, we will be eagerly waiting!

  62. I’d be stoked to see a Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul reunion. They definitely still have what it takes to light up the screen, whether it be movie or tv. The original Starsky and Hutch rule.
    Cheers Sandra

  63. I think that this is an awesome idea on David and Paul’s part.They should do a movie on how the characters ended up in later years.See if they got married,promoted,one quit and the other stayed in the business or they both stayed to be a cop only in a different location.They weren’t partners for a long time and now they are reuniting as partners again.something like this would be awesome!I think David and Paul should go for it and do Starsky & Hutch one more time.

  64. I think there should be a SH movie with Paul and David. They are the one and only Dave and Ken as far as I am concerned. How about they do it from their wheelchairs like David suggested several years ago. Just kidding. But they should be together again.

  65. So maybe this will never see the big screen… but here’s to hoping it does. I saw the Stiller/Wilson movie and loved it, thought it was hillarious, and months later looked into the series. Boy, did I feel mislead! Almost betrayed, even, at the insanely WRONG way these great characters were portrayed! I really don’t know why Glasser and Soul chose to appear in that movie. They NEED to get the right message out, try to fix what the movie has so completely screwed up. I think people would go see a movie by Glasser and Soul, especially a S&H remake, because the movie has really rejuvenated the fandom and gotten new generations into the whole S&H image. It just needs to be true to the relationship that had been built between Glasser and Soul all those years ago.

  66. The Starsky & Hutch movie was enjoyable to me mostly because of the nostalgia it stirred, not because of the pairing of Stiller and Wilson. They are fine actors, and the movie was cute, but it was an IMITATION of something. Something better.

    Glaser and Soul were not simply the originals, but they were unique and powerful when placed together into these roles. Their chemistry was exciting, their timing was flawless, their humor was fun, and their work ethic was intense. They created the characters of Starsky and Hutch, and thus created an image that was burned into our culture. Before Glaser and Soul came along, there had never been anything portrayed on tv that compared to the relationship they brought to life. It was original. It was special. And it still is.

    It was because of Glaser and Soul that Starsky and Hutch were memorable and wonderful. The Stiller and Wilson movie will fade away and be forgotten, but Glaser and Soul have the staying power to be remembered and cherished thirty years later. This is due to the hard work and caring they put into their roles, and the pieces of themselves that helped spark the incredible chemistry we remember so vividly.

    I would be thrilled to see anything Glaser and Soul did together, especially a reunion of Starsky & Hutch.

  67. Paul and David doing a movie together?? Great! I love it. Reprising their S&H roles? Nope, I’m not crazy about it. I don’t think they could get much out of it here in the US. Maybe the UK.

    I would prefer them to come in as different characters. Leave the original S&H as it is.

    Stiller/Wilson did great together in the remake. It was easy to watch and enjoy because I don’t associate that in any with the originals.

    I’d rather the original actors do something orginal.

  68. There has been alot said about the stiller/wilson starsky and hutch movie, and while i didnt hate it there can be only one starsky and hutch. It was hard enough to see stiller/wilson in the first one but i definately wouldnt go to see a second one of them, Paul and David i would anytime!!! If it is true about Paul and David doing their own, i can’t wait yes!!!. As for not being able to hit the big screen i think ppl dont give them enough credit. Maybe it will work maybe it wont but i for one would love to see them on the big screen, and with all the fans and the younger fans out there for the original actors i personally dont see it being a flop.Whether its on the big screen or tv movie i dont care i just wanna see them :)

  69. i cant wait to see paul/david in a new film . I never like the idea of anyone eles doing starsk or hutch just not write

    fan 4 ever karen

  70. I definitely feel a new S&H flick with the real guys is warranted no matter where it is viewed: ie: TV, Indie or Hollywood prod. I think it should have happened before Stiller and Wilson.

    Just my 2 cents…


  71. Halleluah! I was hoping that the two of them would reunite and do Starsky and Hutch justice. I saw the other movie, it was o.k. but, my favorite part was the end when our men appeared. The entire theatre applauded and some gave a standing ovation when they appeared….

    Thank goodness guys! You have my whole hearted support and love!

  72. David and Paul together again! Yes! I√Ǭ¥ll keep my fingers crossed for that! In my opinion there√Ǭ¥s not enough room for a second “Starsky” or a second “Hutch”! There can only be the originals, David and Paul!

  73. I think a TV movie or cable movie would be a GREAT idea. REAL fans of Starsky and Hutch have waited so long for a reunion movie. I hope it works out!

  74. It would be really special for Paul and David to do a TV movie on Starsky & Hutch. I would love to see how their lives evolved and just long to see their very special chemistry and bond once again. The screen and real life friendship has lasted all these years and that comes across loud and clear. I know they could have some fun with it!

  75. I’m a big fan of the original Starsky and Hutch and I’d love to see them back again. It would give us some answers to what happened at the end of the last ep. They had a special bond, wonderful chemistry that is rare on tv shows these days.

    I hope they get the money needed, they certainly have plenty of fans out there who would love to see them again.

  76. As much as I admire Mr. Glaser and Mr. Soul and found their chemistry in the series both delightful and rare, I well and truly do NOT want to see a Starsky & Hutch reunion. If they want to do a joint project, more power to them, but please leave the series alone! I liked the ambiguity of the season finale too much to want to see ‘answers’ to questions I didn’t ask and ‘resolution’ I don’t need. Why not do something entirely new?

  77. I agree with Pam…there are still soooo many fans of S&H and P&D’s that there would be a big draw. True, it would not hold up on the big screen, but definetly on TV.

    All their fans hope they can find the backing to make this project work.

  78. I second Pam’s comments. David and Paul as Starsky and Hutch had an amazing chemistry, which showed in the cameo at the end of Stiller/Wilson vehicle. I am a first generation fan of the t.v. show, but did not hate the film. It was amusing, but it was not Starsky and Hutch. If they can work out the rights issues, I think there would be a large market for this project. There are a lot of old and new fans out there!


  79. I, for one, am eagerly awaiting ANYTHING with Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul together again. It was the incredible bond of friendship (not to mention Paul & David’s friendship) that made Starsky & Hutch so wonderful then and why it is still as popular today. Paul and David gave Starsky & Hutch heart, soul, “real” tangible personality and humanity. They put so much passion into their craft and how wonderfully thrilling it will be to see their “dance” once again whether it be the big or small screen.
    In fact, Paul, David and Antonio are just as “hot” toady as ever, just type their names in and do a google search!

    God bless the union of Paul and David! Cheers to the great possibility to rejoice with them again!

  80. I believe it could work. The previous Stiller/Wilson flick was too pulp to be of any importance. If we live in times where they make remakes, sequels and prequels of just about anything, yeah, why not make a serious action-packed Starsky & Hutch movie. I would line up to see it. But first a good script and a great director (and no Brett Ratner or Todd Phillips please !)

  81. So David Soul and Paul Glaser are “working” on a new S&H movie to star them. Wow. Hold the presses.

    I’m writing my own “screenplay” which will star Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Garner, and me in an epic two-hour three-way. Like David and Paul’s effort, there’s a fat chance my work will ever come to fruition.

  82. A cable TV movie would work best. TVLand sounds like a good fit too.

    Here would be my pitch: Set it in modern-times. Starsky and Hutch, long retired, reunite to solve a murder mystery on a Hollywood movie set… a movie about their career as police detectives in the ’70s! The two are a bit miffed that their lives have been given a comic spin.

    Seriously, I’m not kidding. I think the above idea would work for a cable TV movie, and help advance the new movie franchise without intruding too much on its territory. Maybe the rights holders of the current movie would appreciate the meta-humor in this and sign off on it for Soul and Glaser to do.

  83. Please. This isn’t happening. It’s just Soul and Glaser teaming up on a treatment which they hope to interest a producer or studio into developing. But who would do that? They have no box office draw. Perhaps they could license the rights to do an indie budgeted indie type of film — but I doubt that will happen, as the producers of the Stiller/Wilson S&H hold the movie rights.

    At best, perhaps they could do a TV movie for Nick’s TVLand network. Seriously, that could work, and would not intrude upon the new movie franchise. And, besides, S&H was a TV show, so Soul and Glaser’s revival would work best back on TV.

  84. I really didn’t like the Stiller/Wilson Starsky & Hutch. It was far too comedic and really made the characters look stupid. If Soul and Glaser are working on another film, it really should be a TV movie. I don’t think that anyone would go to the movies to see them on the big screen.

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