American Pie 4 – You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

AmericanPiePoster.jpgI know I’m iin the minority here… but I didn’t like a single American Pie Movie at all. Not even a little. I thought they were stupid pieces of crap that had to resort to Pauly Shore tactics to illicite laughs from a predominetly 14 year old audience. I’ve never understood it’s appeal to anyone. But, the box office doesn’t lie, and obviously a LOT of you thought they were worth watching… enough to entice producers to make a 4th installment of the stupid series. The good folks at Hollywood North Report give us this:

Young actors Richard Keith and Lauren C.Mayhew are joining the cast of Universal’s American Pie : Band Camp, the fourth chapter in the series. Keith (Riding in Cars with Boys) and Mayhew (Raise your Voice) are joining Sean William Scott who has apparently been coaxed into reprising his role as Steve Stifler, for the film, by Director Steve Rash.

This time, the movie centers on Stifler’s younger brother, Matt, who is shipped off to Band Camp as a form of punishment. He gets up to his smutty ol’ tricks there, but ultimately gets sorted out by a young woman. The film is set to shoot in Vancouver later this year for an expected direct to DVD release sometime in 2005.

What? Direct to video? What a shock. This one has Oscar writen all over it all ready. Wow… I just read over my other posts for today… I’m really in a nasty mood.