Italian Job 2

italianjob.jpgWell, the word buzzing around the net this morning is that Mark Wahlberg et al have signed up for a sequel to The Italian Job. Most are rolling their eyes at the idea, but personally, I think I’m looking forward to it. I always thought The Italian job was underrated and not really given a fair chance. Does that mean that every decent movie should have a sequel? Heavens no! Then why do I like this idea? Because I’m a sucker for Heist movies, and good Heist movies are hard to come by. I sill think Sneakers may be my favorite of all time. However, if they try to turn this flick into some kind of romantic comedy or just action flick, then even though I get into the movies for free I’ll probably skip it. The last time I checked there isn’t a fatal shortage of romantic comedies in North America today.