Yen? Hung? Yes.

shapo.jpgAh, now there’s a picture sure to warm the cockles of any kung fu fan’s heart. Why’s that? The man on the right is Donnie Yen, on the left Sammo Hung. And, yes, that IS a camera rig right behind them. The film is called Sha Po Lang and, according to Yen, will feature no CGI and as little wire work as possible with actual fights between the actual performers. Golly … sounds like someone out there in Hong Kong finally decided to make a good, old school Hong Kong movie. Yen and Simon Lam will star as cops on the trail of gangster boss Sammo Hung, with Wu Jing also starring as one of Hung’s lead assassins. Principal photography is due to wrap up in September. Nice.

Information (and the picture) here lifted shamelessly from a few different threads over on the KFC boards …


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