The Movie Blog Wants Your Help!

filmfest.jpgWell boys and girls, got a call from the Toronto Film Festival’s box office this morning and we’ve been spurned. Spurned! No press pass for poor ol’ Bubba. Once I got done with my self indulgent weeping I came up with a plan. A response. A way to try and convince them that we’re worthwhile for next year. And here it is. I’d like the Movie Blog to be the go-to site for Film Festival coverage this year, with as many people as possible reporting daily. To do this I need your help, and here’s how.

If you’re going to be in town checking out films during the festival AND you’re willing to post about the films you see every day, we want you here. Drop me an email and when the time comes we’ll set you up with an authoring account on the website so you can throw your thoughts online throughout the festival. It’s really important to get this information out there promptly because these films repeat throughout the festival so I’m pretty serious about your needing to post the same day.

If you’re going to be around and watching films but can’t post daily, just send your reactions and thoughts on the experience to me and we’ll get all of those comments posted as well though there may be a bit of a time delay getting those up.

And, finally, as I type this Day-vuh – being the industrious fellow that he is – is working up a little quarter page hand flyer for the site. We want to see this everywhere during the festival. We need people to help hand these out. If you’re going to catch some flicks, give them to the people you’re in line with. Even if you’re NOT seeing anything at the festival if you’re going to be wandering past the masses standing in line for films we’d love it if you kept a stack of these with you to distribute as you wandered along down the street. Even if you’re not in Toronto – if you’ve got a good independent theater in your area, a comic shop, cult video store, anything like that – we’d love to send you some of these that you can leave in appropriate places to help get the word out.

We don’t have anything tangible to give you in return – not just at the moment, anyway – but helping will be good for your karma. And it’ll make us feel all warm and cuddly inside. So, let me know what you can do. And yeah, I’ll still be posting a good load myself. The lack of a pass just drops me down to two films a day from the four or so I was hoping to manage.

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