The Forgotten Trailer. Jeepers, I love this one.

Okay, I’m slow on this I realize– This trailer was released a number of days ago, so it’s likely being beamed in theatres at present although I haven’t seen it personally on a screen yet.

However, just to piggyback on our thread about good trailers, I have to admit, I’ve watched the Trailer to “The Forgotten” countless times already.

The Forgotten Trailer

This one is directed by Joseph Ruben – who, the last time he sat in the pilot’s seat, was 6 years ago for Return to Paradise — which, with the exception of the ridiculous “love” sub-plot with Anne Heche and Vince Vaughn, was one spitfire flick. Lots of good stuff in there – especially Mr. Phoenix’s performance – Boom. Anyway, Mr. Ruben’s resume isn’t very long in the director’s chair, so we’ll have to see.

Mind you, this trailer spits out more than enough doses of “What The–??” to keep me going back….

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7 thoughts on “The Forgotten Trailer. Jeepers, I love this one.

  1. I think i mightve saw the microphone but a lot of the scenes (esp. the inside ones) were very cluttered so it is hard to say.
    Good movie though.

  2. you know what EH? i saw the boom & microphone on the screen too. that was too ridiculous to see them in the movie. i just wondered whow it could happen.. anybody know about it??

  3. Am I the only one that saw the boom and the microphone above the actors head in this movie? I have told people anbd nobody seemed to remember. But I saw tat microphone like in 10-15 different scenece, I was so upset…

  4. I’ve just seen this trailer (excellent site this by the way – loving your work! ;) ) and I’m heavily reminded of Dark City by the entire premise.

    Now for those of you stateside who’ve seen this, please don’t confirm that if it’s true. However the trailer really does make you think it could be along these lines.

  5. I saw this last week, and was definitely intrigued. Sort of has an “Eternal Sunshine”-esque quality to it, albeit much darker and creepier in tone. However, I agree… if there’s some twist like it’s all in their heads or they’re *surprise* dead and haven’t realized it yet, I will be sorely pissed.

  6. WTF! Looks like something i’d watch but i dont like julianne moore. she bugs me, cant explain. i like gary sinese though.

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