David Boreanaz is brought to you today by the Number 4.

David Boreanaz is drawing his line in the sand insisting that if he returns to the role of TV’s Angel, that it will have to be on the big screen.

Angel fans were disappointed to find out that Boreanaz had been rumoured to have said that he will not do more Angel movies even after the Studio was more than interested in making as many as 6 TV Movies.

Boreanaz said in a recent TV Guide interview “It would have to be a theatrical release,” he says. “I’m not into the movie-of-the-week [idea].”

He also said “It’s better,” he teases, adding, “‘Four’ would be the magic number ‚Äî that’s all I’m going to say.”

Since the main cast of Fantastic Four has been cast, and the only movies with a Fourth chapter coming up are Jurrassic Park 4 and Indiana Jones 4, your guess is as good as mine.

5 thoughts on “David Boreanaz is brought to you today by the Number 4.

  1. they should just finish the movies its only 6 more movies
    the actors (sarah and David ) fool you to being such caring and nice people but in person reading about what they sat is a disapointment they dont sound like very resonable people

  2. Apparently Sarah Michell Gellar has refused to do any Buffy movies. Whedon has said he would be interested in doing 4-6 TV movies that are still a part of the Buffyverse, but without a Buffy or an Angel I don’t think we will see them.

    Boreanaz has just recently counter-offered that he will consider them if they are feature films.

    I am still hoping for Ripper, the proposed spinoff with Giles reforming the Watchers Council.

    I am not a big fan of the Crow movies, so I am not too excited about a fourth.

  3. From what I’ve read, Whedon was talking about doing four Buffy TV-movies. If that’s what he’s referring too his prior comment wouldn’t make much sense though.

  4. Whedon’s already confirmed that Boreanaz will not do any tv movies, Gellar either. As for the 4, he’s in the fourth Crow film so it may be areference to that.

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