Big Momma’s House 2 is in the works… WHY!?!?

bigmomma.jpgThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a sequel to the 2000 film Big Momma’s House is all set to roll. There are so many things wrong with this notion that it’s hard to know where to begin.

First of all Martin Lawrence is just awful. No really. Granted, this is just my opinion and I know there are many out there who disagree. While I think Lawrence is a fairly talented stand up comedian, I have yet to find him even remotely humorous in any film he’s appeared in… and yes, that includes Big Momma’s House. Lawrence is the same, obnoxious, slap happy, terminally annoying character in every single film, and Big Momma’s House 2 will be no exception.

Secondly, the premise has been done to DEATH. Oh look, a guy is getting dressed up in an amazing costume and pretends he’s somebody else! Oh wow… yeah… never seen that before. Weather it’s Eddie Murphy doing doing the Nutty Professor or the white guy on SNL, or the Wayans in White Chicks, or a plethora of other recent disguise or costume gimmick films… IT’S OLD! IT’S BEEN DONE! IT’S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! Move on for heaven’s sake.

Thirdly, dispite the fact that it took in over $100 million at the box office, the original Big Momma’s House just wasn’t all that good. I’m not saying it was “bad”, but it really was a mediocre comedy at BEST. Now, add that to the fact that most movie sequels take a step down in quality and well… you’re in for a big mess.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the film is going to be directed by John Whitesell. Who is that you may ask? Why, he’s the director who brought us such amazing films as “See Spot Run” and “Malibu’s Most Wanted“. Just because someone directs a couple of sucky films doesn’t mean that he can’t turn it around and shape into a decent director… but come on!

All things taken into consideration, this project has DISASTER written all over it already. Just one more step in Martin Lawrence’s life long quest to become Eddie Murphy. More power to him… but why do we have to watch?

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