X-Men 3 to start shooting in May?

mistyque.jpgThe good folks over at SuperHeroHype.com posted a quote from the Daily Telegraph in which X-Men star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (Mystique) confirms that she is involved with the 3rd installment of the X-Men franchise, and that she believes shooting for the film will begin in May.

To me, this is fantastic news. For my money (and I know I’m in the VAST minority on this one) the X-Men films have been BY FAR the most solid comic adaptations (yes, even better than the Spider-Man films). Many people forget (and I know I’ve mentioned this a few times) that X-Men single handedly resurrected the whole comic book genre of movies after Arnold and Batman single handedly killed it. Every “super-hero” film made in the last few years would have NEVER made it to the screen (Spider-man, Hulk, DareDevil, Elektra ect.) if it wasn’t for Bryan Singer and the X-Men.

Now, as long as Catwoman doesn’t screw things up for everyone…

5 thoughts on “X-Men 3 to start shooting in May?

  1. You’ve got to keep a couple of things in mind Ry. First of all (and this admittedly is a totally subjective point) the first BLADE film was pretty good… but certainly not great. But more importantly it lacked the outrageous audience/box office/critical success that X-Men had which is what ultimately gave credibility back to the superhero film.

    No disrespect intended to the Blade series (I LOVED the second one), but X-Men is the film that breathed life back into the comic book genre.

  2. The Blade movies are far from painful, but they’re also pretty far from being the best things out there. Solid and entertaining enough that I’ll definitely be seeing the third but definitely not the best game in town.

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