Welcome to Your New Low, I’ll be Your Wasabi Tuna for the Evening.

Anyone who has complained that some movie is the worst thing they’ve ever seen. Has not seen this. This, my pupils, is really, really bad stuff. Seriously. I’m dumbfounded.

Apparently, last year a film was made called Wasabi Tuna. The natural order of things told the world that this movie sucks. As fate would delightfully twist, it is apparently being released SOMEWHERE on August 6th. (Actually, just in San Francisco so far) I don’t know how or who or WHY anyone would touch this after seeing:

-I’m not kidding folks, this trailer is of such wildly horrific proportions, I’d rather dry hump my privates into a belt sander than watch it twice.

Folks, I know Tim Meadows isn’t an Oscar performer or anything, but this is of such bile, I actually caught myself thinking “how’d they get Tim Meadows in this?”
I’m almost temped to not link to their Website [whoops, I just did] – just to spare you from rocky, disturbed sleep for a fortnight.

Welcome to your lesson in bottom dwelling cinema. Oh yeah, Anna Nicole Smith is in it.