Webmasters Know Everything Part 2.

Okay, this is a carry-over from this post I made a couple days ago.

Reuters has a nice article about Disney’s pani….er… “concern” over the success of “King Arthur” – bottom line: They need a hit. Bad. They’ve already re-edited the movie’s final scenes so it will be a “happier”, “funner” movie to watch. Concern much?
Box-office tracker man, Paul Degarabedian says “It has been kind of an up and down year for them. All will be forgotten if ‘King Arthur’ does well.” . Big if. Why? Well first, they went ahead and spent another 100 million on a movie. Second…

Well Disney, I’m not going to say King Arthur will tank at all, but I hope you’re okay with King Arthur only reaching at VERY BEST, the 3rd spot this weekend. Why? Well, Spider-man 2 (hyphen) is still buying the world over, and by our webstats… Anchorman will be doing quite better than your King Arthur, trust me. Our stat hits for Anchorman reviews over King Arthur reviews are nearly 2 to 1.

Oh, and for the record, I will, today guarantee that “Open Water” will be a sleeper hit this summer because we’re getting a surprising steady flow of requests for info on it. (Disney does has control over “The Village”, which will likely do quite well though.)

As for our initial experiment, our test-Catwoman post is receiving VERY LITTLE traffic. Granted, it has slipped from the main google page, but seriously. Most of the comments posted are from people who were already on the site rather than clicking through from a search engine looking for something. Cats hate taking baths, right? Oh the wit….

2 thoughts on “Webmasters Know Everything Part 2.

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  2. Not to hang on your coat tails….but I was thinking two things last week…..1.)I have no interest in Catwoman…….I know that some producer thinks I will pay $7 to see it….but it won’t happen……2.)I liked the 1st Resident Evil….I think it had something to do with “Zombie Movie” Withdraw…..and when I saw the Trailer…….man…..the only thing I have to say is(and I hope I can desribe it so you understand)the 2 seconds of the Toxic Avenger opening his eyes and when he is walking while raising the Bazooka Gun made me roll my eyes….those clips killed it for me…….Who put that trailer together….oh I know….the same guy who put all the trailers for Cannon Pictures together…uuuuuggggglllllyyyyyy!!

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