This is for Ursus. And those like him.

In This Post, I went ahead and showed my prediction for the weekend was correct: that Anchorman would out-do King Arthur roughly 2 to 1. I only had Friday’s numbers to go by.

Only going by Friday’s numbers, I had incidentally cut off the TOTAL number of dollars King Arthur had made so far – released two days earlier ahead of Anchorman. As a result, some smarty-pants named Ursus thought I was trying to “pull one over” by not showing that King Arthur had already made money. So I give him this: Don’t say I don’t do my research – especially when it proves me right. — And Proving you wrong is a real added bonus.

Anchorman’s First 3 Days:

King Arthur’s First 3 days:


Anchorman’s First 3 day total: 28 Million
King Arthur’s First 3 Day total: 13.4 Million = ROUGHLY HALF

Anchorman’s Friday to Sunday Numbers: 28 Mil.
King Arthur’s Friday to Sunday Numbers: 15.1 Mil. = ROUGHLY HALF

Anchorman’s Friday: 10.7 Million
King Arthur’s Friday: 5.01 Million = ROUGHLY HALF

I said it would be out-done roughly 2 to 1. I was right. Let the world rejoice.

Even with an extra 2 days, King Arthur still hasn’t made up for the lost half of tickets:
Anchorman’s been open for 3 days with 28 Mil.
King Arthur’s been open for 5 days with 5 million LESS.

If I figure out how to be more correct, I’ll let ya know.

3 thoughts on “This is for Ursus. And those like him.

  1. As soon as I heard that Guenivere was turned into a warrior and that there was no love story betwwen her and Lancealot, I knew I was going to skip this one.

    I should catch Anchorman this weekend

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