The Last Unconquered Battle Ground: Truth. Enter Documentaries.

It all starts here:

“Get outta the front seat, I was there first!”
“No you weren’t”
“Yes I was…”

…..And: Repeat.

Fast forward a couple scores and we still haven’t figured anything out. The dynamics are still the same: “My reasoning is more logical than your reasoning, therefore: you’re an idiot.”
As of late, bickering in this society has escalated. They use popular, fancy words like “bias” and “propaganda” – which in most cases, loosely translates into “everything that I believe to be wrong and stupid” is called ‘propaganda’. How popular is this style of arguing? So much so, that you already know what I’m refering to and I haven’t said a single thing about it yet. As a result of this pointless bickering, a new focus has emerged: Truth. Many people, while not screaming their heads off have taken more detailed looks at exactly what they’ve been listening to this whole time. This dining customer would like to speak to the chef please….

For example, agree with Fahrenheit 9-11 or not, it has shown that there’s a lot about the Bush administration that would be in their best interest that the public didn’t know. Why didn’t the press cover it? Has CNN, Fox news, MSNBC given us various slanted dynamics? Are stories really edited for maximum effect? How come we don’t have a clear idea what the “other” side is thinking? Why do we think we know more about a foreign country than its own occupants even though we couldn’t point to that country on a map? Agree with some of these questions or not, they are being asked a lot more. And a small few are stepping up to answer them:

Two new documentaries come to mind:
One, Bubba mentioned the other day called “Orwell Rolls in His Grave” – A documentary about a doublespeak society where lies pass for truth and if and how that is happening to us.
And now, there’s “Control Room“. Tagline: “Different Channels. Different Truths.” The film takes a documented look at Al-Jazeera and their different broadcasting morals compared to the US. Again, whether you agree or not, the fact remains that although each of our channels will claim to be giving you the “whole story” and the “whole truth”, yet study after study has shown that avid watchers of different channels believe different things. How??? Why??? I haven’t seen “Control Room” yet, but hopefully it’ll examine that stuff closely. Give their Trailer a watch – it’s quite interesting.

Guaranteed, frustrated people will stand up and call this stuff propaganda as well – simply because they disagree – even though from the looks of the trailer, it may hear both sides equally – who knows. Either way, in light of which, a friendly reminder:
While we’re “busy” bickering about someone else’s differing opinion and the fact that they don’t use the word “war”, “authorize” or “reported” correctly, human beings are dying.
Research more. Talk less.

Off hand, Al-Jazeera has been given the green light to be broadcast in Canada as of yesterday.

**Update** Oh Look! ANOTHER documentary about our media’s message. This one is closer to home and will likely be a bit more brash, it’s called “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” Here’s it’s Trailer (and whoa!) – I’m not endorsing nor slamming the film, but the sudden interest in what exactly we’re being told is fascinating.

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