Obsessive Fan Boys May Commence Drooling Now. Limited Edition Japanese Box of Kill Bill v.2 Up For Pre-order


You may recall me posting a while back about the ridiculously loaded up Japanese Limited Edition box set of Kill Bill Volume One. You may also recall my obscene gloating when my very own copy arrived in the mail. It’s a nice set. Oh, yes. Well, guess what? They’re doing it again with Volume Two. Deleted scenes, a reversible jacket (the translation is unclear, but I’m betting that’s a cover jacket for the box, not an article of clothing), behind the scenes documentaries, a t shirt, a Pai Mei key chain, a collectible figure, 24 page booklet and a set of ten collectible post cards. And yes, the English language track is included along with English subs for the foreign language bits. Excessive? You bet. Expensive? Oh, yes, but I could easily fetch double what I paid for my Volume One set at auction right now if I wanted to. Did I order one yet? Damn straight. And if you care to purchase one yourself you can do it right here.

7 thoughts on “Obsessive Fan Boys May Commence Drooling Now. Limited Edition Japanese Box of Kill Bill v.2 Up For Pre-order

  1. of course if you have a ‘puter with a dvd player/burner there are ways around the region also..which is the way i would go…

  2. You guys are the greatest. Looks like I’ll be heading to china town for a little yummy for my tummy and a nice new DVD player to boot. Kill Bill2 killer boxed set, here I come. Thanks.

  3. Everything Malata makes is pretty solid. Well priced, too. They make a sweet ‘home theater in a box’ set that I would’ve picked up if I didn’t already have a surround system … player has a receiver / amp built into it and powers the included sub and speaker set directly. Jaton is supposed to make good ones, too.

  4. Day-Vuh and JuicyV:

    I’m awake early enough so let me put my two cents worth in.

    Bubba and I both have Malata’s 520 model which has been quite a nice piece of hardware for the both of us. I’ve had no complaints. And yes, we did get ours off of EBay… sort of. We found the listing for it and it turned out it was being sold here in Toronto. So it wasn’t a horrible task for us to get it. We both got a $500 DVD player for $350 [remember this is Canadian dollars and the 520 WAS the creme de la creme of DVD players a couple years ago. This thing does everything and anything you want a DVD player to do].

    The first site that would jump to mind to start looking for all-region players would be hkflix.com. You can also read this page from kungfucinema.com for all that you need to know about them http://www.kungfucinema.com/categories/regioncodeanddvdguide.htm. Along the side of that page are adverts for all-region sellers. But go to hkflix.com first and check out their hardware section here http://www.hkflix.com/hardware/. There are some decently priced players there.

    Also, there are some domestic players that have ‘hacks’ that will eliminate the region coding. I know that Big Bald Dave and dmiller[bunch of numbers here] have players with hacks. But I don’t know much about them though.

    I hope this helps JuicyV. You’ll be a much happier person once the world of international DVDs opens up to you. And if you need help expanding your library Bubba knows every site that you should buy from concerning whichever region you want a DVD from. Unless of course you want to buy from Denmark. Then you call on me and I will exploit my family ties there and help you out like I did Bubba.

  5. JuicyV,

    Well, the long and short of it is: Region 2 will not play in the US.

    – Except if you have the proper DVD player.

    If you purchased your DVD at “Best Buy”, “Wal-mart” or anywhere else that’s normal, it is a region 1 player.

    What you need is a multi-regional player. Multi-regional players are not “modified” DVD players that have been tinkered with by some shady back-alley man, but they are real DVD player types.

    Bubba’s Kill Bill Vol 1 special edition plays for him because he owns a multi-regional dvd player. (So do I and KungFuGuy). To save you the effort, you won’t find a multi-regional player in your “everyday” department store.
    – I’d gather finding one will range widely depending on where you live, but the three of us bought ours in Chinatown. They seem to carry everything like that. I’d also recommend those electronic warehouse type people that buy overseas stuff in bulk.

    And There is always Ebay.
    Usually, I would say the average Multi-Regional costs the same as a moderate DVD REgion 1 player. They ain’t dirt cheap, but can be found to be quite affordable.

    – Bubba may be able to fill you in on specifics – like which Brand to buy – He’s got a very nice Malata.
    Hope this helps a little.

    Bottom line, the DVD won’t play. Not yet anyway.

  6. Hey guys! I had my finger on the clicker when I noticed a little thing called Region2 DVD. The 411 I got on it was it couldn’t play in the US. I want this more than, I don’t know, alot. But will it play? You speak of vol.I so it seems yours works. You guys seem to know everything when it comes to movie stuff so I hope you can steer my in the right direction. Thanks!

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