New Film From Director of Ong Bak!

borntofight.jpgNo, it doesn’t star Tony Jaa but here’s a little something from Thailand to carry you over until his next flick is ready … Born to Fight is the latest film from Ong Bak’s director and features action and stunt sequences choreographed by Jaa’s trainer and mentor. Sure, it’s probably just marketing hyperbole but the producers are claiming the film contains “the most dangerous stunt caught on film”. Will it have lots of plot and character development? No, not likely. Will there be lots of bodies flying through the air in testosterone pleasing fashion? You bet. There’s not much there yet, but you can check out the website here. The film opens in Thailand July 30th. I’ll keep an eye open for DVD info …

7 thoughts on “New Film From Director of Ong Bak!

  1. ah j ai hate que le film de tony jaa sorte car j etait tellement fou de se film que je sui rester coacher sur la teller
    et en plus l histoire et tellement bien fait que il y a rien a dire et aussi arreter de comparer tony jaa avec bruce lee
    en tous cas je serai son plus premier client a voir son film au cinéma
    domage que dans les magasin il ne font pas ces poster de lui je n ai trouver aucun pour l instant .

  2. hi
    my name is habib and i am from pakistan.i am the big fan of jackie chan darictions and stunt but this is my first time that i am surprised when
    i saw this movie this is my 3rd day i am waching
    this movie exilent direction and evry things is look like is orignal and also the actor is very good and tellented when i came to thiland i will meet you once again your exilent director

    ok take care

  3. Follow this link for a trailer for Born to Fight

    As for the statement of having the most dangerous stunt ever filmed, they weren’t kidding. You’ll know it when you see it in the trailer… it’s the most fucking insane thing I’ve EVER seen a stuntman do. And it involves TWO semi trucks… it has to be seen to be believed.

  4. Ong-bak will open in Japan July 24th.But,I boughet DVD from Thailand and see everyday. I want to know a information that is Born to Fight.Thank you,nice information!

  5. wow….those cute little asians will do ANYTHING to get their face on the big screen……kinda like the white trash in the US that go on reality TV to eat Cow Balls for $50 bucks in Buger King Gift Certificates….

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