Jack Black is Green Lantern. Let the Black/Green Jokes begin.

Now, they don’t list a source for this currently, but here, aintitcool.com is saying that Jack Black is slated to be the Green Lantern. Warner Bros. is controlling how this one works despite DC Comics really trying to keep Green Lantern as their own little puppy.

According to the article, Warner Bros. is forming this movie as, and I quote: “zany comedy version a la The Mask”. Where they are getting that quote from, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll pull out the “grain-of-salt-o-meter” on this one. Personally, I like my comic book movies more on the dark and twisty side rather than the bubble gum side. Maybe they meant The Mask as in the one with Cher! That’d be fun! “Our superhero hero is one mean mother! Despite having 84 chins! Oh yes, and no one likes him! Except for one blind girl!” — Hmmm..Okay maybe not.

Either way, I’ll have to wait until Mr. Trailer comes out to make a call on this one.

18 thoughts on “Jack Black is Green Lantern. Let the Black/Green Jokes begin.

  1. Correct me if i’m wrong but following the JL – the animated series, GL is black. There are plenty of black actors out there that could easily play the part: wesley snipes, Jai (i believe that’s his name, that played Spawn). And also agreeing with Jeff, GL is a serious character which I admire. Jack Black (IMO) is not even that funny. Let’s keep GL true to his character and keep the comedy to someone like the Flash.

  2. I don’t think they should make fun of Green Lantern with a film like this, because once it’s done nobody will look at it seriously anymore and the chance of making an eye-candy film with tons of special efects and lots of action will be lost forever. Green Lantern is a superhero that exists since 1940 and deserves a decent film.

  3. from the understanding I got. Hugh Jackman was up for the role as GL. I even saw a WB mag review in which they had high hopes he would sign on.

  4. from the understanding I got. Hugh Jackman was up for the role as GL. I even saw a WB mag review in which they had high hopes he would sign on.

  5. Jack Black is Great so is Kyle Rayner perhpas the best Green Lantern ever so its a good match rember that the director for spiderman started in the biz mkaing cheesey horror film and look how great the Spiderman movies are just wait and see dont talk smack cause if it is great then you going to have to take a smack

  6. I am glad to see the movie come out and I like Jack Black but please dear god dont let it be this stupid zany comedy. Make it on the line of Spiderman.

  7. Kyle Raynor was a poor replacement for Hal Jordan. I dont know how he survived this long.

    But have hope comic fans, the Kyle Raynor book has been cancelled and Hal Jordan returns to the DC Universe as Green Lantern.

    Considering this, Jack will likely be Hal Jordan, just to add to the insult and misery that is this horrible idea.

  8. Jack Black is not being cast as Green Lantern, and the movie is not being portrayed as a comedy, they haven’t even started a script yet. Although a Green Lantern film is being talked about by Warner Bros.

  9. Jack Black is not right for this part, and Green Lantern should NOT be turned into a comedy. Him being cast as Kyle Rayner was a seriously wrong decision. The character of Kyle Rayner is young (20-22yo), fit, and attractive. Jack Black is 35-36, fat, and not at all attractive. I would be a better candidate for the part of Kyle Rayner.

  10. After that god forsaken Catwoman movie you think WB would learn. Hey I like Jack Black. But not as Green Lantern.

  11. Now.. I’am a Movie.. Madman!.. and i know that Jack Black isn’t going to play The Green Lantern…( and why do you think so? He’s FAT!)it’s going to be George Clooney..

  12. Jack Black? Don’t you have to have wash board abes to play a super hero……I see this as this years “Mystery Men”……75 million to make…….Domestic Gross:68 million….Blah,Blah,Blah……

  13. With the cancellation of the newer, younger Kyle Raynor Green Lantern comicbook, and epic return of the original Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) in a new ongoing, I am not suprised to see GL get bumped up the priority list of Hero Movies.

    But this is going to be as bad as Catwoman (which we all just KNOW is going to be bad)

    Changing the story? Changing the mood? This is NOT Green Lantern.

    What sickens me more is that I really like Jack Black. But this is so NOT a GL movie.

    What were they thinking.

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