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Love or hate Will Smith, one has to admit that from time to time he can bring some pretty entertaining characters to life on the screen (I‚Äôm not a big fan of his, but his work in Ali was fantastic). Now comes I, Robot… the film with the really stupid name. At first, I thought this project looked just stupid, but I have to concede that I‚Äôve been getting more and more interested in the film the more I‚Äôve seen the trailers. Now the initial reviews are coming out, and things look promising, most reviews are pretty positive, with some not so positive. Look for my review Saturday. Here‚Äôs what some of the critics are saying:

“At first Smith feels miscast, but he warms into the role. Good pace, nice robot effects, entertaining.”

“…I can’t say that this movie turned out to be the dark, kick-***, sci-fi classic motion picture for which I was hoping, but it was still a damn good time…”

“I guess a summer special effects blockbuster with plot development is too much to ask for. Maybe I should have my own wiring examined.”
— David Levine, FILMCRITIC.COM

“A routine Will Smith cop-on- the-hunt thriller at heart, I, Robot lacks imaginative excitement.”

“A cool summer movie packing a nice mix of action, explosions, and brains.”

For more early reviews of I, Robot head over to the good folks at RottenTomatoes.com

21 thoughts on “I, Robot reviews

  1. Just seen the movie, and I liked it, although I think poor Isaac Asimov is probably turning in his grave! Aside from some passing nods to the 3 laws of robotics, and half-lifting a scene from ‘Little Lost Robot’, the movie has no bearing on the robot stories of Asimov.

    I can’t remember how many Robot stories Asimov wrote, but I don’t think in any of them (maybe one – and he was bonkers) did a robot attack a human being, they seemed to be doing it all the time in the film!

    There was plenty of opportunity to create a movie with action based on robots. If Hollywood wanted to why didn’t they just make a movie of ‘The Caves of Steel’, that has a murder plot, robot suspects, hidden agendas and even chases …

    Good movie, but if you are an Asimov purest you have been warned!

  2. Actually the plot of the movie was not actually an adaptation of Asimov’s novel, but of a short story also called I’Robot published 11 years earlier.

  3. Wow….tracy….I thought kids had horrid taste in movies…..hope you were kidding….while I have not seen i,robot….I doubt it is that good

  4. Anyway you cut it…..$54 million is pretty good for the weekend. TO play devil’s advocate…..there were no other Sci Fi Films in the last month…..that may have something to do with it.

    Did anyone see that they are calling Will Smith the Summer King? Ahhgggggg…….I firmly belive the Fresh Prince sold his friggin soul to the devil….no one is this lucky….I don’t think one of his movies(Minus Ali) would get more that 2 1/2 stars by anyone with a working knowledge of good scripts….It blows my mind.

  5. I’ve heard that if this movie goes well there’s going to be a sequal or two. Being that ‘i, robot’ is actuelly based on only one of the short stories (can’t remember which one), with the books themes added in. There’s lots of other stories to work with. maybe ‘Liar!’, with the mind-reading robot which self destructs after not being able to help with everyones problems, would be a good place to start.

  6. You haven’t read the book have you John? One of the major themes is emerging consciousness and the concept of self. It’s an excellent title for what Asimov set out to do.

  7. I agree with Herby 100%… except for the part about it not being a stupid title. It IS a stupid title. Just because Asimov named it doesn’t mean it’s not stupid.

  8. The name is NOT stupid, it happens to be the original title of Issac Asimov’s book. What is stupid is taking the classic SCIENCE FICTION stories that were in the book, Ignore the genius that is Asimov and write a ridiculous popcorn film.

    I have yet to see the film, and I may actually enjoy it (who knows?). But I am getting tired of hollywood taking the titles of classic science fiction stories and then writing something that in no way resembles the original book (Starship Troopers comes to mind).

  9. Now I knwo why I spend my working hours putting up responses…..so some one other than my terminally menstral girlfriend can tell me to shut up….ahhhhhhh……to bask in the love of strangers

  10. I remember a kinder….gentler time…..when Will was Da Fresh Prince and the lone white rapper was Vannila Ice….I miss the early 90’s

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