Hey! It’s Another DVD Giveaway! Two Lady Snowblood Films Could Be Yours!

snowblood.jpgYes boys and girls we’re giving stuff away again. This time it’s a wee trivia contest and if you manage to answer a bunch of my pointless questions you could be the proud new owner of the lovely Animeigo releases of Lady Snowblood and Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance. Given how influential these films were on Tarantino’s Kill Bill I’ve opted to make it all Kill Bill related trivia. Ready to go? Good. Read on for the questions and rules …

So. Here’s the thing. I’ve realized that a certain person who has already won one contest and who almost won the last one will also probably win this one. So I’m changing the rules. One contest win per six months. If you’ve won one of our contests you are not eligible to enter another for six months from the date of your win. Sorry, man. Gotta spread the love around. This one’s simple enough. Read the questions, answer the questions, send your answers to me here. We’ll tally up your total correct answers the most correct wins. If there’s a tie (which there probably will be because these aren’t really that hard) there will be a random draw among those tied to decide the winner. Got it? Good. The contest will be open until July 31st.

1. Name the two 70’s era Asian film icons to star in the Kill Bill films and three other films each has appeared in.

2. An additional American actor originally appeared in the trailer and on the marquee but was cut entirely out of the finished films. Who was it?

3. Name the production company responsible for the anime sequence in volume one and the film they produced which was in competition at Cannes this year.

4. Which director friend did Tarantino call on to provide part of Kill Bill’s score? How much was he paid to do this and name one other film he has scored recently.

5. What film did Beatrice’s daughter want to watch when they met and which two Japanese films were cut together to produce it?

6. Okay, I was going to do a screen capture for this, but the software’s being cranky and keeps killing my work … the blue-silhouette sequence at the House of Blue Leaves. Remember it? Yeah? What recent Japanese film did Tarantino steal it from? It was red in the original, by the way.

7. The Japanese edition of the film is dedicated to which recently deceased director? What was he filming when he died?

8. Tarantino discovered the actress who played Go Go Yubari in what cult classic film?

Okay. That’s it. Go.

9 thoughts on “Hey! It’s Another DVD Giveaway! Two Lady Snowblood Films Could Be Yours!

  1. ah first time i tried one of these contests out, the questions werent too harsh. i think i got 8 for 8, haha ill see how i did anyways.

  2. That’s awesome. That means the set is going to go to a hardcore fan of the genre.
    Don’t give up anyone else! The answers are out there.
    Good luck everyone!

  3. Hey, I’ve already had four correct entries, so it’s going to be going to a draw … I figured the silhouette question was probably going to be the stumper, but not so far …

  4. You lucky bastards!!! Be thankful for that six month rule because I’d have given you a run for your money. Gawd. I was eight for eight until I noticed it. Ah well. I don’t want Bubba to be lynched for any assumed colaboration and I’ll likely be mentioned again in the post announcing the winners and runner ups. I rule!
    The ace in the hole is going to be question number six.

  5. Damn Bubba!

    So the person to answer all that will win?

    Heck, you cant even GOOGLE those answers!

    “They aren’t really that hard” – You are mean.

    Its a good thing I can’t win, cause I can use that as my excuse instead.

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