Ghost Rider vs The Real Ghost Rider

Back in the hallowed halls of future comic book movies lurks the Ghost Rider. It’s one big “vengenance via demons and motorcycle cocktails” movie. Either way, it’s bound to have some likely implausible motorcycle scenes with a couple of women wearing tight leather for no apparent reason. Directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the guy behind “Daredevil” and starring Nicholas Cage and Jon Voight, this one could go either way as far as entertainment value goes. I know, I know, it’s a pasttime to say “Nicholas Cage?”, and then slam the guy, but you know what? I like Nichloas Cage. No really. Everyone has their “miss” movies, but I’ve enjoyed more Cage movies than not. Anyway.

Debate all you want about the up and coming “Ghost Rider” — because you likely haven’t seen The Real Ghost Rider. No really. The real one.

This will go down as one of these “if you try this at home, you’re a moron” things, but there is some guy in [Europe?] who has modified his motorcycles, equipped them with dual-running digital cameras and streaks HAVOC through city streets and highways reaching speeds of 300km – sometimes more. Don’t believe me? Well, good thing he turns them into movies then sells them. And has trailers. I’ll get to those.

I’ve had the “priviledge” of seeing his first two Ghost Rider movies –and folks, I’ve never seen stuff like this before. He’s a wacko that will get himself killed — HOWEVER, he’ll do it like a polished pro, This guy’s completely insane. And unbelievably good – at what he does I mean. And zoinks, do the cops ever hate this guy. He’s quite a taunter.
Wanna see? Of course you do. Visit and Click on “Trailers” – there’s 5 different ones.

The Hollywood Ghost Rider film is Due in 2005
The third Real Ghost Rider film is Due on October 17.