Carnahan Out of MI:3, Abrams In?

carnahan.jpgThis isn’t particularly fresh news at this point, but it bears repeating … a while back we ran this little article commenting that, though we loved Joe Carnahan’s work on Narc, he seemd like a very strange fit to be making Mission Impossible 3. Well, guess what? He isn’t. Citing the inevitable ‘creative differences’ Carnahan has walked away from the project. No word on what those differences were, but they had to be fairly significant for him to walk away this close to the start of production. The studios involved are all insisting that this will not delay production at all and Aint It Cool is already floating a rumor that Tom Cruise has been spotted trying to recruit Alias creator JJ Abrams to take it over. No idea if that’ll turn out to be true, but I do know that it’s never a good thing when a film’s star hires the director. It upsets the basic power balance and sets the stage for a LOT of conflict …

2 thoughts on “Carnahan Out of MI:3, Abrams In?

  1. I can’t figure out why they keep pumping out this crap…..the 1st one was OK….Blad but OK…..but John Woo completly F’ed the last one up….I love a low brow action movie but cumm on….Dancing Bikes? That shitty actress? The bad script? You know who I hate but would be excellent for this type of movie….god, I’m going to say it…..Michael Bay. Give him the ropes and let him go at it…..

  2. Must be hard for Cruise to keep searching for a director with the right mix of hired gun/indy cred: DePalma…Woo…

    Since he keeps going down QT’s favorite director list, maybe he should try to get Takashi Miike… the mind reels at the possibilities!

    TM: Tom, now is the time for you to eat the poo and kill the hooker!

    TC: Eh, heh!

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