Behind the Scenes Footage for Follow Up To Ong Bak Online!

tom.jpgHere’s another tidbit I picked up over on the KFC message boards …

Behind the scenes promotional footage for Tom Yum Goong – the new film reuniting the director and entire principal cast of the mind blowing Ong Bak – is now available online here. A good bit of footage is lifted straight from Ong Bak but there are clips of the director scouting locations, live demonstrations done back when they were out promoting Ong Bak, and what appears to be live rehearsal footage of some of the new fight sequences.

For those who don’t know Ong Bak is a Muy Thai based martial arts film starring the incredible Tony Jaa. Trust me when I say this man WILL BE the next major international action star. He combines the speed, accuracy and raw power of Jet Li’s peak with Jackie Chan’s willingness to do absolutely mind blowing stunts and it’s all packaged up in a martial arts package unlike anything you’ve likely ever seen before. And no wire work or harness rigs. When you see these boys flying and twisting through the air, they’re actually flying and twisting through the air. Ong Bak will hit our shores in November with this Tom Yum Goong due out in Asian theaters in February.

You can read a basic synopsis of Tom Yum Goong here and if you want to check out the trailer for Ong Bak – which you really should – that’s here. And, yeah, that’s one very large man in that picture.