Tim Burton Producing A New Animated Film!

corpsebride.jpgOkay, I confess that I knew nothing at all about this prior to spotting the article on AICN and I’m kicking myself, very hard, over that … Seems Tim Burton is working with Vinton Studios as producer on The Corpse Bride, a new stop motion animated film based on an old folk tale. Based on what I’ve read of the story here and the look of that design image this is looking to be vintage Burton. Making me even happier is that Vinton has just posted their most recent short – about a man and his new inflatable friend, available here – and it’s mighty good stuff. Making me happier still is the fact that Vinton has just hired Henry Selick – y’know the stop motion genius who directed Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach and has just finished work on Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic – as a supervising director. Hmmm …. great story, great producer and a company loaded on talent makes me think this’ll be a classic. The Corpse Bride is due to release for Halloween, 2005.