The Word Wars Trailer! The Scrabble Movie! Geeks Unite! Hey GREG!!

Okay, I realize that as an avid Internet blog poster, I can’t call other people geeks, but this one is really for “Greg the Roommate”. That’s his new name. I also didn’t plan on putting up so many trailer notices in the past day.. but I just got too many kicks outta this.

The Word Wars Trailer
Here it is folks: the newest edition in the rising popularity of documentaries comes “Word Wars“. The movie about Scrabble. Yeah. the crossword game – No really — the one your grandma plays – okay and Greg the Roommate. Apparently, it’s a really good game. Apparently, it requires skill and intelligence. Apparently, lots of other people like it. And Apparently, you can probably beat up every last one of them.

Okay, I’m sorry, I’m having too much fun with the stereotype – I apologize. I’m just pissed because I can’t read. But seriously though, it looks like it’s along the same vein as “Spellbound” – the Spelling Bee documentary – which is an Awesome film: Really big contest, lots of people to start with and we get narrowed down to the final few stud-monkeys who sweat it out over the word “Quartzy” and a Triple Word Score. Can YOU FEEL THE ENERGY!!!??? WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!

I’ll see this movie with Greg.

And your Grandma.

2 thoughts on “The Word Wars Trailer! The Scrabble Movie! Geeks Unite! Hey GREG!!

  1. Scrabble is an official event at the Mind Olympics, and I think that’s saying something (besides ‘virgins need some fun sometimes too’). Everyone needs something to be good at. My thing just happens to be a board game from Hasbro.
    Definitely buying this one. And just because I happen to be a registered member of the National Scrabble Association and own about five dictionaries doesn’t make me a geek. I think. Maybe. K, I need a hug

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