Summer Movie Round up Part 1

shrek2post.jpgOk, this list may not accurately reflect the opinions of Day-Vuh or Bubba, but they are my opinions, and therefore the correct ones. Here’s my rankings of the summer flicks so far.

#1 Shrek 2 ‚Äì This was a thoroughly entertaining movie. Overall I’d say the first one is a better film‚Ķ but the second one had me laughing a lot more. You have to see it more than once to catch all the little stuff they put in the film for you to see. Some of it is just side splitting.

#2 Van Helsing ‚Äì No, this was not a great film‚Ķ maybe not even a good one. However, the sheer volume of decent visual effects and good action sequences at least had me enjoying myself. A decent “Turn off your brain and just enjoy the eye candy” kind of summer film.

#3 Troy ‚Äì This film should have been so much better. I was disappointed to say the least. Eric Bana (The Hulk) completely steals the show from Brad Pitt (not an easy thing to do) and Orlando Bloom. This was easily Bana’s movie. The story of Troy is a compelling one‚Ķ but the movie is not.

#4 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ‚Äì I couldn’t agree more with Dayvuh’s review of this movie.

Next week I’ll update this ranking to include The Day After Tomorrow, Garfield, The Chronicles of Riddick and The Stepford Wives (they all look terrible, but who knows).

4 thoughts on “Summer Movie Round up Part 1

  1. I’m sorry but I have to completely disagree with all of you that did not like Troy. I thought Brad Pitt was awesome in the movie and if you haven’s seen the movie, I suggest you do.

  2. Having kicked myself for seeing Troy it is as bad as you’ve heard. Only one really good fight in the entire movie. And yes the CGI sucks nuts. Why does everyone run the same? Oh right. You’re a bunch of lazy bastards! You could pick out where the real actors [term used loosely] ended and the CGI began.
    Haven’t even given a second thought to VanHelsing.

  3. I am a movie fans because I think it is the best activity that you can do when you have no activity and want to spend some time. Probably this is the reason I like “Shrek” and “Shrek 2.” Hahaha poor Shrek the loner one. It is worth watching because the 3D animation in the movie is awesome. I don’t know how others feels but a loner man like me do definitely love the Shrek Movies.
    —-* Baseer Ahmed *—-

  4. Y’know I haven’t actually seen any of these yet … gonna take the boy to Shrek one of these days and I’ve been meaning to see Potter but I’ll be passing on the other two. Having actually read the Iliad I know all the alterations will just piss me off and the CG looks really bad in the trailer …

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