Spike Jonez to Direct Wild Things!

wildthings.jpgNot sure how long this has been in the works but while I was looking up links for that Palahniuk story I stumbled across one mighty intriguing listing over at the IMDB … according to them (and they have been known to be very, very wrong on occasion) Spike Jonez (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) will be directing a live action version of Maurice Sendak’s children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. If any of the people involved in the Grinch or Cat in the Hat adaptations were involved with this I’d be moaning and curling up into the fetal position but Jonez is a pretty fascinating choice to do something like this. If anybody will understand the general sense of absurdity and menace in the book it’s Jonez. That plus the fact that Wild Things actually has a sustainable plot has me thinking that this should be a far cry better than those Suess adaptations were …

One thought on “Spike Jonez to Direct Wild Things!

  1. Hey, maybe that’s what Spike is calling Alfred Molina about in COFFEE AND CIGARETTES! ;)

    My mother read that book to me almost every night for years. It was long one of my favorites. Captain Kangaroo also had a great reading of it. It is one of the greatest children’s books ever written. If Spike (or whoever) effs it up, we may have to send them to bed without their dinner!

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