Holy Crap. Shrek Just Crushed the Box Office.

shrek.jpgWow. Apparently the big green guy and the planet’s imminent destruction just combined to set an all time weekend box office record. Shrek remains at #1 with $92 million over the four day weekend to push it’s total take to just a hair less than $257 mil in less than two weeks of release. That’s an insane amount of money. Shrek’s take dropped only 13% from last week which is pretty much nothing … big films routinely drop 30-40% after the first week even if reviews and word of mouth are positive. The Day After Tomorrow, meanwhile, pulled in an impressive $86 mil which means the two top films alone pulled in $178 million in the US alone. Madness, I say.

Meanwhile in the world of small, anti-coporate film making Super Size Me is still holding strong to the #10 spot with the film spreading onto another 49 screens. Not much by Shrek standards but mighty impressive for a little documentary by an unknown film maker.

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