Fun with Irony. Say Cheese!

Okay, we’ve all seen those “Please don’t video tape this screen” or “Video Tape this and we’ll duct tape your ass” warnings in movie Theatres, right? If not, welcome to 2004 – they’re up there. Before anything starts, you’ve got a nice warning asking the audience to help catch anyone taking a picture or movie of the screen.

But what about taking a picture of the warning? Is there a warning about filming the warning? I don’t see a warning’s warning… I guess we’ll find out….

This Gallery is run by “monochrom” and “Cory Doctorow” (not too sure who they are) but they have recently started a global collection of snapshots of that exact warning in various movie theatres around the world. The only rule – use a flash. The more public the irony, the better.

3 thoughts on “Fun with Irony. Say Cheese!

  1. Forgive me for being obtuse but what is it you don’t like about the warning?

    I’m not a big fan of the MPAA but I’m not an enemy of the intellectual copyright. Does anyone out there want to post some possible solutions to Piracy etc.

    Or do we all just want to pat each other smugly on the back for our anti-corporate stance?

    I sure wish I’d see some balance on this issue. It would be quite a worthy thread to keep going.

    The idea described above did make me laugh though.

  2. Apparently audiences love this reaction to the warning.

    From Cory Doctorow’s original posting:

    So here’s what I’ve started doing: whenever this warning is screened, I take a very obvious flash photo of it. I’ve done it twice now, and both times, I got a round of applause. You can do it too. If we all do it, if we all laugh and boo when this warning comes on, maybe the movie companies will get the picture.

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