A Stack of Chuck Palahniuk Novels Being Made Into Films.

palahniuk.jpgWho knows just how much of this is wishful thinking on behalf of a man who wants to see his words on the big screen but I’m a rabid, slavering fan of Chuck Palahniuk‘s writing so I really hope this all turns out to be true … some folks over at Dark Horizons attended a public reading recently and someone asked Palahniuk whether any of the rumored film adaptations were going to happen. His response:

The people behind Constantine are sniffing around the rights to Survivor and have said publicly that they want it to be their next film.

Invisible Monsters starts production this year with Jessica Biel in the lead (and very disfigured) role. Word is the producers are chasing Billy Crudup and Val Kilmer as possible male leads. Good choices, both, says I …

Choke is also slated to begin production later this year.

Diary begins production next year.

For those keeping score that means every Palahniuk novel other than Lullaby has either already been adapted to film or will be in the next couple years. There are also rumors of some sort of collaboration with Spike Jonez and further projects with David Fincher. Fincher and Palahniuk have already made one film together. A little thing called Fight Club. It was okay.

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