Original Juon: The Grudge to be Released in July. Have a Trailer to celebrate.

Well, I wasn’t expecting to see this – partly because I didn’t think the original would get a release so close to the remake’s release and partially because it’s 4:51am and I just woke up for some crazy reason. But what else to do in a sleepless night’s stooper than report on horror movies? – Good Ones even!

Okay, so the American remake is slated for later this year – I’ve heard before Hallowe’en, but that’s sketchy at best. And I just read on aintitcool.com (here) that Lion’s Gate is planning on releasing the original version mid-summer. Ifilm.com is even hosting a tacky narrated trailer for it which can be found in the first of the following two links:

So I’m gonna be a real nice guy and give you TWO DIFFERENT links to 2 Different Versions of the original Ju-on: The Grudge trailer:
The Trailer for American audiences with “Mr. Fearless” hopelessly narrating the thing. Or
The Japanese Trailer with English Sub-titles – (click on the “audio/video Materials” tab – and turn up your volume, the encoding’s very quiet)

I’m going back to bed.

Here’s my review of the film I wrote after the Toronto Film Festival.

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