Godzilla: Final Wars Website Updated!

godzilla.jpgSomeone just pointed out on the KFC boards that the official website for Godzilla Final Wars has been updated … It’s a bit early for the artwork to be actual shooting stills, so I’m banking that the backgrounds are actually high res artist’s concept pictures, but they’re pretty sweet. You also get a run-down of 12 of the reported 15 kaiju monsters that appear in the film. No english text on the site (other than the control bar) but you can read a choppy engrish translation of the summary here after perusing the actual site here.

In other Godzilla news Midnight Eye is currently running an interview with director Ryuhei Kitamura which both drops interesting tidbits – like long-time collaborator Tak Sakaguchi being employed as action director for Godzilla – while also generally confirming my overall opinion that the man is maddeningly undisciplined.

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