Wheels are Turning for the Knight Rider Movie. Get it?!? Never mind.

Well, I don’t see a lot of online write ups on this yet, but I did see it in the daily today, so maybe we’ll get the flutter going about this.

Apparently, there’s already some table discussion about the feature length film as a few of the characters and general ideas have been offered. David Hasselhoff, the piece of work he is, is going to reprise his role as Michael Knight, but won’t be front and center. His son, possibly played by Ben Affleck, with be the man with the access to KITT, who will be voiced by the same William Daniels.

As long as this movie is loyal to the series, that’ll be a nice way out of the gate. Unlike that soul tearingly horrible straight-to-TV movie: “Knight Rider 2010” that aired roughly a decade or more ago. My unmentionable regions still feel stretched open from that putrid, wretched piece of garbage.

Hasselhoff is keen to give Knight Rider a “serious” turn, and not make it a nostalgic comedy like Starsky and Hutch. Which, I think I MIGHT agree with, I don’t know. — In order for something I thought was incredibly cool when I was 10 to STILL be incredibly cool when I’m near 30, it had better supply me with a case of non-consecutive bills and the Dallas cheerleaders. – To start.

17 thoughts on “Wheels are Turning for the Knight Rider Movie. Get it?!? Never mind.

  1. one thing i have noticed and i have been part of this too is what about the characters, whos who, i dont know what characters are goin to be in it but from what i hear and understand they have a good few people to choose just dont get ben affleck NOOOOO, paul walker would be good and even maybe that actress from xmen that played jean gray if patrica mcphearson doesnt come back, has to be some one that looks and play smart and of course is sexy oou ya. william daniel to be the voice of kitt thats a givin.if anyone has an idea of when they plan to do this movie please post it , its killing me not knowing lol…

  2. i agree with you jake make it a badass american ride. i say maybe something like the new vette with its sleek styling since the trans am isnt here anymore, but it has too be some sleek and fast and tough looking.

  3. Cool to know there’s still interest for KR!

    For Kitt, i wouldnt go with a transam but maybe with the new 2006 Charger SRT or maybe a 2005-2006 Pontiac GTO ? , i dunno just hope its a big ass V-8 like it used to be lol :D

  4. knight rider the movie huh! cool i cant wait , ive been a fan forever. to one of the comments above i agree i hope they stay with the trans am model weather it being the old or new. the red one in 2000 was actually a dodge stealth just modified. i feel its a good idea they are keeping the same kitt voice, but ben no way paul walker would be much better for the role. The movie would be a great ending for those of us fans that are still alive. come on kitt….


  6. Hi, i really hope kitt will still be the trans am of the 1980ies. It s the perfect car for this. Think of the horrible red pontiac or what it was in Knight Rider 2000…
    Let the son of michael knight find the car in the laboratories of wilton knights ground, where karr was found by the two roudies in “trust doesn’t rust”…the problem is that i actually don’t know how the “knight rider series” ended. Was is scent of roses??? Anyway, but take Ashton Kutcher or Sean William Scott. Would be Perfect. Or take this guy from coyote ugly…so let him find the car, doing some exciting tuning on the turbo boost(please don’t forget the holy turbo boost!!!) and on the super persuit mode (but without the ugly break mode!)…and let your ideas role…knight rider can be a never ending story…and please just tune the theme a little bit like i made it for ya, you know… ;-) Greetz Dany

  7. WHEN is Night Rider going to be on telie with more episodes and new ways of getting out of desasters iv watch knight rider sinc i was little and i would like to see more in the near future

  8. to whom it may concern,

    I love knight Rider when it was on through it ended, i even watched the reruns, i even bought season 1. I’m trying look for a car like K.I.T.T. because i have carebral palsy i’ve had it when i was 2 if i had a car like k.i.t.t. I’m looking trying to find a watch like the one david wore in knight rider.

  9. Me being a die hard fan, i just wanna know what the hell is goin on?? One minute there’s all this hype about the script being drafted and its been taken on with Revolution Studios. Now its gone a bit quiet me thinks. I heard Revolution wanted KITT NOT to talk??? Eh? So Mr Hasselholf decided to find another studio….
    Just bring them back to the big screen and do a good job…..no fast and the furious please cause that was AWFUL!!!!..

  10. The Knight Rider tv series format will not translate well to the big screen without complete revision in to a more modern stylistic form. I love the old series don’t get me wrong, but the only thing to survive the transition to a feature flim will be the title ‘Knight Rider’ and the fact there is a talking super-car in it. Still it might be an enjoyable rehash but I wouldn’t hold it up to the original.

  11. Above comment(s) by David Terry, sounds like he is a real live ANAL RETENTIVE personality with a little man’s ego. He must think he’s so perfect that he can critique everybody. Hey, Dave, you anal retentive, I hope your age is not reflective of your IQ! If you even know what that is.

  12. Steven Segal – why do all of his movies feature young girls or women that he protects from all kinds of villains, does he ever have son’s, young or older that he protects? I haven’t seen one yet! What’s wrong with son’s? I have a son that I love dearly and would protect, why doesn’t Steven? or is there a movie I missed?

  13. I’m a HUGE fan of the tv series, so I was thrilled to hear bout the new movie, until I heard mention of….you guessed it, Ben Affleck. He’s bloody useless!!! Why can’t David Hasselhoff play the lead, as he did in the series?? Like he said in an interview, James Bond is of an older persuasion, so why can’t Michael Knight still be running round fighting crime too?? Never mind this shite of passing the keys of the coolest car ever on to his son (especially if it’s Affleck)!! But what will KITT be? Will he remain the same old car (is that a bad thing??) or a newer (& riskier?) model/make?? The return of William Daniels as the voice of KITT would really bring back happy, rose tinted memories of my youth!! I hope they don’t ruin this film for me and other fans by producing something pathetic, rushed, pointless and/or half-arsed!!

  14. Knight Rider the movie better do th show justice….thats for sure. I dont know about Ben ‘Afflicted” Affleck playing the man though. There’s one good thing about the movie coming out soon…Finally someone has to put the Best White Rapper out right now on the soundtrack. Checkout http://www.mikelknight.com for some music from the true “Texas Bad Boi” Mikel Knight. keep your eyes open for him! He’s on fire right now in the industry!

  15. Good god, a Knight Rider film.. a new one!
    I’m confused as to how to feel about this.. should I feel happy and look forward to an old favourite coming back. Or should I start worrying if anybody builds a surgical truss capable of supporting hasselhof’s gut during knight rider’s cheesy fight scenes…

    and then there’s the question of KITT himself… what will he be? A cranky Trans-Am chasing modern Porsche’s and Astons, or will he be a new all american makeover???

    And why are people just remaking things constantly at the moment? According to HotDog there’s due to be a Transformers film!?!?

    good god…

  16. Was quiet excited about the idea of a Knight rider film to I see the Ben Affleck bit!!!!! Steven segal looks like an oscar winning lead man compared to Ben! The voice of William Daniels will show better emotion than he does!!! Why oh whay does he still get films, when he must easily be one of the worst actors of the last decade! John Campea did his top ten actors of all time not to long back. Could we have a section for the top 10 worst / over rated actors of all time please, ill start the ball rolling:
    1) Ben Affleck – Arse
    2) Jean Claude van Dame – Great fighter, pants actor.
    3) Madonna – Crap singer, crap dancer and awful actor.
    4) Keanu Reeves – Wooden as an oak tree!
    5) Antonio Banderas – Never liked him never will, maybe better in Spanish speaking films!
    6) Steven Segal – Pony tailed twat!
    7) Rutger Hauer – Some decent films, bad actor.
    8) Patrick Swayze – Okayish films (if you are a girl) poor poor actor!
    9) J Lo – Crap Singer, big arse (is that a negative?), bad personality, awful actor!
    10) Arnie – Probably unfair, but the Senator of LA just cannot act to save his life. Got higher placing because of his great films!

    Honoury mentions;- Cuba Gooding Junior, Freddie Prinze Junior, George Clooney, and any of the Baldwin Brothers

    What do ya think?

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