Wheels are Turning for the Knight Rider Movie. Get it?!? Never mind.

Well, I don’t see a lot of online write ups on this yet, but I did see it in the daily today, so maybe we’ll get the flutter going about this.

Apparently, there’s already some table discussion about the feature length film as a few of the characters and general ideas have been offered. David Hasselhoff, the piece of work he is, is going to reprise his role as Michael Knight, but won’t be front and center. His son, possibly played by Ben Affleck, with be the man with the access to KITT, who will be voiced by the same William Daniels.

As long as this movie is loyal to the series, that’ll be a nice way out of the gate. Unlike that soul tearingly horrible straight-to-TV movie: “Knight Rider 2010” that aired roughly a decade or more ago. My unmentionable regions still feel stretched open from that putrid, wretched piece of garbage.

Hasselhoff is keen to give Knight Rider a “serious” turn, and not make it a nostalgic comedy like Starsky and Hutch. Which, I think I MIGHT agree with, I don’t know. — In order for something I thought was incredibly cool when I was 10 to STILL be incredibly cool when I’m near 30, it had better supply me with a case of non-consecutive bills and the Dallas cheerleaders. – To start.