The Mean Girls and Me. No, really!

Look at that!!! I’m famous!! In a dietary fiber kinda way…..

Well, back in October I pranced around the set of Mean Girls and have spent time since then wondering if the scene they were shooting was going to end up on the cutting room floor. I guess it didn’t.

Yahoo has put up a page of movie stills from the upcoming flick (Click here for the whole page). One of the photos in particular is this one. And who, may you ask, is in the picture? — Well, that’s easy.. Lindsay Lohan, Rachael McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert — and, the dominating male head walking immediatley behind them:


Yaay me!.. Me and famous people. The way it was meant to be. Next step: be the guy in the front.

12 thoughts on “The Mean Girls and Me. No, really!

  1. i went on the mean girls website last night, i saw the two pictures of rachel mcadams, and her face looked like she was under some kind of strange hypnotic zombie trance. what was wrong with her dayvuhl.

  2. Me with Tory McPetrie in “It’s in our hands” in high school.

    Tory McPetrie with Jonathan Lithgow promoting 10-10-220.

    Jonathan Lithgow in Footloose with Kevin BAcon.


    Me and Tim Meadows in Mean Girls.

    Tim Meadows and Kevin Bacon on SNL. That’s ‘2’. Ohhh.. zoinks.. :P

  3. How many degrees to Kevin Bacon does that make? Anyone care to take a stab at it?
    If you can beat my current Bacon Number of four then I’ll drop my current connection in Rachel Skarsten [Me to Rachel, Rachel in Virginia’s Run with Gabriel Byrne, Gabriel Byrne in The Usual Suspects with Kevin Pollack, Kevin Pollack in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon] and adopt Dave as my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon connection.

  4. Yay Dave!

    I am SO getting those “I know Dave” tshirts printed now.

    btw, I have been trying to get a hold of you by email and not getting an answer, I may have the wrong one. Email me please!

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