See? Told You He Was Ugly.

nakeddave.jpgLest anybody think I have been unfair in describing my co-poster Day-vuh as ugly over in his mean girls thread, I humbly submit this photo. I had to wake up to this for two years. And the question here, of course, is not “Why is Day-vuh naked?” but “Why is Day-vuh naked in Bubba’s room?” I wish I had an answer for you. I really do. At least his hands are out in plain view …

2 thoughts on “See? Told You He Was Ugly.

  1. Oh yeah. That’s the image I was trying to get rid of in my sub-concious. Thanks Bubba.
    Thankfully, I only had to wake up to this for one year.
    It doesn’t mean you’re not a nice guy though Day-Vuh.

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