New Screen Shots From Casshern!

At the very top of the list of films I’m looking forward to right now is Casshern, a Japanese sci-fi flick that hits theaters in Japan in late April. The trailer was simply stunning and now they’ve released these: a series of still shots from the film that are just stunning. If nothing else Casshern is going to provide some mighty tasty eye candy ….

Thanks to KFC Cinema for the link …

7 thoughts on “New Screen Shots From Casshern!

  1. omg you will not beleive how cool this movie is!!
    i saw a camera ripped version of it and omg omg omg omg , pure owenage, good story(lil confusing)good art/graphics-even tho the version i saw was barely viewable-still you should start making a riot in the usa- IT IS WORTH SHOWING HERE IN THE USA- my guess is to start a poll and start making casshern fans or scifi fans (period!) sign a poll and then send it to local distributors-fox -columbia i dunno- but if they see at least 12,000 signs they will try to get the film here.
    hell there are even camera versions with subs already- imagine what the distributors can- its easy money for them , heh.
    – anyways i always day dream… ill guess ill have to wait till the dvd comes out in oct 2004 and see it the way it was meant to be seen-
    — tony— aztec_gilga

  2. It opens today in Japan, doesn’t it? I can’t wait until it comes to the U.S. (subtitled with its original soudtrack and Japanese language intact, please).

  3. Oh wow… after seeing the visuals in this movie, who cares if the plot sucks or not?!? Okay, I mean that only half-heartedly, but holy moley this thing *looks* cooler than cool.

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