Miramax: Defining Corporate Rape via your DVD’s

Stupid, stupid, evil, cranky Hell-bent Miramax. You slippery, money-grubbing bastards. Again, sorry about the delays, it’s pretty busy this week – this story came up a few days ago, but I still can’t believe it.

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single respectable thing that Miramax has done in recent memory. The inner-7-year-old of whoever’s running the joint would be be SO pissed off at himself for doing this. Let’s look at the Lord of the Rings home releases for a second: I can understand, partially, that a company release a “basic” DVD version of the film and, much later, release a jam-packed extended version of the film for the hard core fans. It almost seems fair, in a way.

Not with Miramax – that kind of ploy is far too simple. That’s because in order to squeeze the little guy, the guy that has far less money than the smugly shirt-n-tied bastard at the top, out of as much money as he can, Miramax is bringing you Kill Bill in SIX different versions!!!


STupid MOTHdfngdllsdmfsergj ds DAH!!!!! SIX!!! So get in line for your Kill Bill Vol.1, Your Kill Bill Vol.2, your Kill Bill Vol. 1 Spec. Ed, your Kill Bill Vol 2. Spec. Ed, the Kill Bill 2-pack AND the Kill Bill box set at Christmas. Please, please, PLEASE: IF you must by Kill Bill and you havenèt already, please dontè buy ANYTHING until the big version is released. Seriously.

Garbage like this is why you need to have a Multi-regional DVD player, right Bubba? – G’head, tell us about your amazing version that will never be released in North America. G’head….