So I woke up on April Fools day to find that my fiance Amanda had fallen in love with someone else. HELLBOY!

She was spouting off trivia about the making of the film, background on the characters and the 6 year process that brought this to the silver screen and had changed my uber cool desktop image to a Hellboy poster. “This comes out tomorrow. We have to go!”

A moment of shock, my fiance, the straight shooting girlygirly Yang to my Geeky comic book reading sci-fi freak Ying was excited about a Comic Book Movie. Ah… its April Fools… I ignored her.

But she wouldn’t stop talking about the film. The standard “no gags after 12noon” had come and gone and she was STILL excited about this film. I don’t know exactly what ad or article had caught her eye, but the ad exec responsible should get a raise.

I got to go to a Comic Book movie on the OPENNING NIGHT!! WITH my fiance.

I loved the film. The dry humour of Hellboy was perfect. My favourite character by far was Abe Sapien, (voiced by David Hyde Pierce) the water breathing freak with an “enhanced frontal lobe” He can read minds and so much more. There were a few slow parts, and I would have liked more character developement, but overall the comedy and action were enough to make it a great time in the theatre.

You need to go see Hellboy. Click HERE to find showtimes in your area.

“what is a good solid word for NEED”
“well NEED is a good solid word”
“Too needy”
-dialogue between Agent John Meyers and Hellboy