Hell is Officially frozen: Battlefield earth 2 somehow got a green light.

Whoa whoa, stop the horses….. Someone just lost their job.

I’m sure, any day now, whoever is in charge and has been taking a vacation so he can cheat on his wife, will return to find that the intern he left in his stead has been tricked by the devil into greenlighting “Battlefield Earth 2” into existence. Seriously, how the #@%$ does crap like this happen?

Folks, if you’ve never seen the first one, then you’re..well… you’re missing nothing except for perhaps the grandest barf circus to grace a cinema this side of the Baby Boomers. And now, we get to extend the trip of pain with “Battlefield Earth 2: The End Begins.” – Which, as you can probably guess, is a prequel.

Since L. Ron Hubbard, captain of the starship Enter-wacky, pretty much ended the war in the original, the second one is apparently a look into the “original” battle that happened 1000 years earlier – so a great battle it must be – if we weren’t told in the first movie that the war lasted 9 minutes. — So unless Battlefield Earth 2 is 10 minutes long, it’s sucking already.

I have no idea who’s supposed to actually be IN this, or who WOULD be in this, but count me out. So far, it’s being helmed by some guy I’ve never heard of which is probably just as well, since you won’t hear of him after the fact either.

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