Casshern Coming to America?

casshern.jpgIf you’ve been reading this site for a while you know I’m more than a little excited about an upcoming Japanese sci-fi flick called Casshern. It opens in Japan tomorrow and it looks as though those of us who have been drooling all over the trailer may have a thing or two to look forward to …

I’m still looking for a decent translation of this but from the garbled info I can pull out of Babelfish it appears that an American studio is currently negotiating for distribution rights to the original film as well as rights to a potential remake. If the remake happens the local boys will employ original director Kazuaki Kiriya to adapt and helm the local version.

No word yet on which American studio is going after it, but as soon as I can dig that up I’ll let you know. In the meantime go watch the trailer another five or six times. It’s here. Zowie.


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