Shaolin Soccer Part 12.

Okay here it is again, Shaolin Soccer Returns. Actually the Original Returns. Because we never got it in the first place. What movie is this you ask — Well, you can watch The New Trailer right here.

It’s not a sequel, just another chapter in what is already a practically inexcusable series of bumpings and delays. Actually, take away “practically”, it IS inexcusable.

You see, Shoalin Soccer is a truly funny film. That, we can also say, was made years ago. Well, 2001 was years ago. Since it was such a smash hit in Asia, Miramax decided to release it here. Then they didn’t. Then they did. Then they didn’t. What they ENDED up doing was purchasing Distributing rights and then doing nothing with them. However, it looks like Shaolin Soccer might ACTUALLY make it to the screen this time around.. Although I won’t believe it until I see it up there… Back in October I made this Shaolin Soccer Timeline: – here it is Updated:

In Yahoo Movies, I found this summary of release dates… Ready for this?
July 19th, 2002
– – This was originally scheduled to open on April 5th, 2002, then, August 30th, 2002, and now sometime in the 1st quarter of 2003.
August 16th, 2002
– – This has been pushed back a little bit again, now to April 11th, 2003.
January 31, 2003
– – Miramax has bumped this back another four months to August 8th, 2003. That’s 16 months after its first target date.
June 23, 2003
– – Miramax has adjusted this movie a week, from August 8th to August 15th.
August 8, 2003
– – Miramax has dumped their plans on giving this film a wide release, going with a platform release starting on September 5th instead. As reports, this decision comes with the news that Miramax has decided to go with the original dialogue (with subtitles) rather than doing an English dub.
September 2, 2003
– – Miramax has decided not to release this film this week after all, with no word now on when they might release it to the U.S. public. Might they now be considering sending it direct-to-video?
September 4,2003
– – Miramax is currently looking for a new release date in the 4th quarter of 2003.
October 8,2003
– – It appears that Miramax is now aiming for sometime in 2004 instead.

This trailer seems to have removed the overdubbed lines, so it seems that all of these whispers may actually be true. However, has it listed for a March 26 release and the official site says “April 2nd”, so apparently there’s still some confusion somewhere. We shall see.

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6 thoughts on “Shaolin Soccer Part 12.

  1. Just felt like posting the awards this film has won. Alfred Bauer Prize (2003 Berlin International Film Festival); Best Art Direction, Best Costume, Best Makeup Design, Best Action Choreography, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Design, Best Original Score (2003 Hong Kong Film Awards); Best Director, Best Coproduction, Best Sound, Best Art Direction (2003 Golden Rooster Film Festival)
    Day-Vuhl, I picked up this bit of news off of Yahoo Movies here
    There’s nothing on the Miram-AXE site that explains all the ‘name-dropping’.

  2. Yeah, that’s legit … I’ll try and find a decent source on it, but I’m seeing it everywhere … it’s ’cause, you know, the movie isn’t good enough to sell on it’s own merits so they’ve got to get as many famous names into the title as possible. So instead of calling it Hero, it’s now Quentin Tarantino Presents Jet Li’s Hero.

    How’s this for a title: “I Present the Weinstein Brothers My Middle Finger”?

  3. I’m sorry, did you just say it’s going to be called “Jet Li’s Hero?” Oh my sweet deary ass… Sources Please, that demands a post of its own.

  4. in the meantime we can all watch our boot or legits copies that branch to the dance number at home. bass + turds. Why Miram-AXE insists on losing money and interest in such viable products is beyond me.
    And now Hero is going to be titled Jet Li’s Hero. Great. Can you hear the DMX/Luda hip hop in the background?!!?

  5. Yeah, April seems to be a go and it should be coming uncut (actually possibly with a scene put back in – the dance number) and subtitled. Only significant change I know of is a digitally inserted pair of underpants. It’ll be a limited releases, probably only five or six cities.

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