Shaolin Soccer FINALLY Hitting Theaters …

shaolin4.jpg Well kids, it only took Miramax a few years and more release dates than I care to count but it looks like Steven Chow’s hilarious kung fu action comedy Shaolin Soccer is finally hitting North American shores, albeit in very limited fashion. Coming Soon shows the film getting a three city US release – those cities being New York, LA and San Francisco – on April 2nd and considering ads have been spotted in the New York Times this time it looks like Miramax is actually going to follow through on the release. Apparently the ads also say clearly that the film is being released subtitled in the original Cantonese, which is happy news for purists. Like me. It does, however, look as though we’re going to have to wait a bit longer here in Canada. Tribute has the Canadian release listed on April 23rd with no city information listed, though Toronto and Vancouver seem like the obvious choices.

Check out the trailer here. And then go see the movie. You’ll laugh. Hard. And often. Honest.

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