Return of the King DVD on May 25th (sort of)

returnoftheking3.jpgThe first 2 Lord of the Rings films were released on DVD in August, but it seems that with the trilogy finished, the powers that be no longer see a need to hold off the release of the third installment. Return of the King is coming to DVD on May 25th, which is good news… sort of. You see, the extended version (the one that most people really want to buy) still won’t be coming out until the Christmas holidays sometime. Why torture us like this? The reason is simple: They know that stupid suckers like me can’t wait until November or December to buy this movie, therefore I’ll buy the versions that gets released in May AND later buy the extended version, thus increasing their sales and profits. It’s a low down disgusting game they’re playing… but brilliant at the same time. I hope I can’t hold out and just wait for the extended version… but… I… am… soooo…. weaaakkkk.

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