Pictures of the Batman Begins Batmobile. Sure ain’t flimsy.

Well, if you’ve ever said to yourself: “Self, if I ever become a superhero, my vehicle isn’t going to be a flashy, flimsy yuppy style slick-mobile, I’m gonna have a ‘rupture your corn-hole just by driving by type vehicle, one that’d punch through your house like butter'”, then you’ll really like these.

— Apparently, once upon a time the design producers for Batman Begins thought the very same thing.

Here’s the Batmobile – right on the warner brothers’ homepage. Click This and be Mighty:

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13 thoughts on “Pictures of the Batman Begins Batmobile. Sure ain’t flimsy.

  1. Thought the Batman Begins Batmobile was a great fit for the Dark Knight. The car and his whole arsenal were more believable with the military R&D background. A military styled all terrain(including roof tops)vehicle, perfect for urban warfare.

  2. the very frist time i saw the batmobile (batman begins) i thought it was some kind of machine to cut the grass at bruce wayne’s residence….but now i totally like it…it is just exacly what batman must drive; something extreme, out of the ordinary and unpredictable.

  3. This rocks my socks.

    Finally they are doing batman the way it WOULD have happened. (I say ‘would’ in a world where unreality is only a small step to the left)

    THIS Batman makes sense. I am a HUGE advocate for keeping things true to the original, but I have to say I am not minding these subtle differences. Mind you if they do something like having his parents killed by scarecrow or bane I will be some pissy.

  4. Don’t know how I feel about this. Sure, it looks all tough and bad-ass, but I always liked the sleek, menacing vibe that the Batmobile had in the Tim Burton flicks and in the cartoon series. I suppose they’re not very practical, but this beast looks more like the “Bat-SUV” than the “Batmobile”. I’ll have to admit to almost giggling when I first saw it. Maybe it’s an early April Fool’s Day prank…

  5. They should have covered the front wheels and put that little bat head on there. Other than that it doesn’t look too bad. Maybe this one isn’t done yet.

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