Hey Look! A Spiderman Sequel. And Another. And Another. And Another. And Another!

Hey Kids!! You like Spider-Man??? You better!! Why? Because USA Today is telling us that the Charity Loving, Third-World advocates over at Sony Corporation just very well may bring you SIX Spider-Man films. That’s a lot.

Granted, it’s obviously way too early to assume that they will be good or bad, but 6? Jeepers. the Article is Here, but you may have to go to USA Today’s “Life Page” First, and click on the article from there, because USA Today asks you how old you are before you can read it. Why? I dunno. It’s not my stupid page.

And of course, there’s a truck load of stuff about the movie coming out in the article as well… Badder Bad Guys, More New York stuff.. — the only thing I find “interesting” is the whole “we’re gonna get deeper into the characters” stuff. Don’t get too deep there Sammy, as long as you leave room for some punching – and Bruce Campbell – I could care less either way.

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