Hey Look! A Major Studio Just Made A GOOD Decision!

nakata.jpgSomebody give the folks over at Dreamworks a big slice of pie and pat on the bum. Y’know, just to say ‘good job’ because everybody enjoys pie and bums. Variety is reporting that Dreamworks is currently in negotiations with Hideo Nakata to helm the upcoming sequel to The Ring which, of course, was based on Nakata’s Ringu. First Raimi gets Shimizu to remake his own film with The Grudge, now Nakata’s remaking one of his own – who knows? Maybe the studios are finally realizing that the original directors just might have a clue what made the films so good in the first place.

For those who haven’t seen any of his films go out and rent the original Ringu. Nakata is an absolute master of slow burning atmosphere. He builds his stuff slow relying heavily on mood and texture and compares quite favorably to M. Night Shyamalan. Once you’re done with Ringu, track down Nakata’s original Japanese sequel then move on to Dark Water. You won’t be disappointed.

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