Follow Up To Ong Bak Starts Filming This Month

ongbak2.jpgOkay, the large majority of you have never seen it so you’ll just have to trust us when we say that Ong Bak is absolutely the best straight martial arts film to be made in the past ten years or so (I put Hero and Crouching Tiger into another category altogether) and you’ll just need to smile and nod when I tell you that the follow up is due to start filming this month and that this is a big deal. Tom Yum Goong will reunite the lead actor and director of Ong Bak with a plot line revolving around the young Thai fighter’s clashes with Vietnamese gangs in Australia. The film has already been sold to distributors in the UK and Japan with more international types lining up as I type which means it should hit our shores fairly soon while Luc Besson’s version of Ong Bak is due to hit sometime this year.

5 thoughts on “Follow Up To Ong Bak Starts Filming This Month

  1. Luc Besson bought the world wide rights to Ong Bak and it’s done great business everywhere it’s played so far so I expect that he’ll pick this one up, too. Nothing definite yet, though.

  2. Nope, though apparently the Australian Tourism Board is putting money into the film, so if you were to contact them they may be able to help you out.

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