crimewaveHKdvd.jpgSweet Lord Almighty, I just opened up my email and what did I find there but the Holy Grail, the unattainable desire, a collision of massive film making talents that is rumored to have resulted in a train wreck of epic proportions, a film much talked about but never seen. Yes, boys and girls, I’m talking about Sam Raimi and the Coen Brothers getting together to make a little magic and turning out something called Crime Wave. You may have heard of these guys before. Raimi did a little film called Spiderman and an even littler one called The Evil Dead. O Brother Where Art Thou? Fargo? Miller’s Crossing? That’d be the Coen Brothers. Early on in all of their careers the Coen’s wrote a little film for Raimi to direct and to say everything went wildly wrong is apparently an understatement. Raimi himself has almost nothing good to say about this film and as far as I knew it was long buried, deep deep underground where nobody would ever find it. Well, I was wrong. God bless those wacky folk in Hong Kong for they’ve gone and dug the darn thing up and put it on DVD. You can get it here. Just thought you should all know.

I’ll let you know if it’s as bad as they say once mine arrives.

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