Behind the Scenes Footage From the Grudge!

Okay, so if you read the site at all regularly you should have picked up by now that a) I really like Japanese films and b) I really like Sam Raimi. Thus it should come as no surprise that I’m doing little excited dances waiting for the Sam Raimi produced remake of Japanese horror flick Juon, which is coming to these shores as The Grudge. And thus I was very very happy to come across this: eight minutes of behind the scenes footage from the shoot of the remake featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Bill Pullman talking at some length about their involvement and also including a couple of sweet clip montages from the original flick that still freak me out despite my having seen it several times and knowing exactly what’s coming. Curse you, Toshio, curse you! Oh wait … that’s pretty much the problem in the first place, isn’t it …

It’s in Windows Media format …

9 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Footage From the Grudge!

  1. Does anyone know if Rosa Blasi is in the clip? She portrays Maria. I’m a big fan of her. I’ve been having trouble playing the clip (as we speak I am trying to update software) but if I know she’s in it.. I’ll just have to try harder! LoL
    Love, Charlie..xx

  2. If you are still having problems seeing the footage then try pasting the url directly into Realplayer. I had the same problem with WMP but Realplayer 10 played it with no problems.

  3. First, update your media player to make sure you’ve got the latest version. Second, check any firewall software you may have to make sure it’s not blocking streaming media files. Then, just click it and wait for it to buffer. It won’t start playing right away because Media Player downloads enough of the file first to make sure that it won’t stall out partway through, but it should start within a minute or so assuming you’re on high speed. If you’re using a dial up connection it’ll take a LOT longer.

  4. ive tried to view the trailer which i really wanna see but for some reason i cant view it. and i do have windows media player. can u explain bcuz ive tried to watch it at other sites as well and it never works.

  5. I don’t know what you guys are doing, ’cause it works fine. It’s in Windows Media format, so make sure you’ve got the current Media Player installed (I use version 9 myself) … then all you have to do is click up there where there’s the underlined ‘this’. That’s the magical link of love. Then just what for it to buffer up and away it’ll go …

    Oh … and I watched Juon 2 (the second theatrical feature) the day before yesterday … c’est bon.

  6. Evidently you know even less about computers than I do, in which case all I can say is, I’m truly sorry. Have you tried downloading Windows Media from microsoft’s site? Bubba does mention that it’s in Windows Media format. Go to and type ‘windows media’ into the site’s search engine, download the version that matches your windows version

  7. hey Ive been trying for at least 3 weeks now to watch this footage and everytime it doesnt work? can SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME as I am ALSO doing “little excited dances” waiting for ANYTHING on this film…
    PLEASE HELP ME OTHERWISE I WILL DIE IN RAGE and come back to haunt you Mroo-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!
    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. It’s in Windows Media format, so you’ll need to have Windows Media Player installed. Then it should be as simple as clicking on the ‘this’ link and waiting for it to start streaming … I just double checked it and it’s working fine, so if it’s not happening at your end you may need to update your media player …

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