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marvel_pixar.jpgWhat’s that warm feeling in my pants? Oh yeah, I’m pissing myself with excitement. I don’t really know how likely a Pixar/Marvel partnership is, but just the idea of it is really cool:

Too good to be true? Well, today’s Hollywood Reporter reveals that Pixar Animation Studios and Marvel Enterprises have held meetings to discuss a potential partnership. Marvel’s wealth of ripe-for-development comic properties and Pixar’s awesome animation and storytelling artistry would be an insanely cool combo. THR quotes Marvel vice chairman Peter Cuneo as saying, “Pixar has an incredible record,” referring to the studio’s five blockbuster films for Disney.

Read the whole article here at IGN Movies.

6 thoughts on “Marvel and Pixar talking

  1. The only way to make computer animation work with Marvel would be if the movies looked more cartoony…like shrek. I suppose Pixar is the place…still, sounds sorta weird.

    Lukas Kaiser…
    sketch comedian

  2. Final Fantasy failed because the script was brutal, not because of limitations of the genre. If you don’t think computers can do people in a compelling fashion (and honestly I think Final Fantasy’s photo-realistic approach is the wrong one) then you’re watching the wrong animators … go take a look at those Innocence trailers, or the Appleseed one, and then tell you you don’t buy into those characters. Nobody does this kind of work in North America because the studios don’t think there’s a market for non-G rated animation, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done well and that people aren’t doing it in other parts of the world …

  3. The problem I see here is the mix of a Superhero movie and animation, more specifically computer animation.

    Silver Surfer is maybe the only Hero I could see them doing. Bottom line, fish, toys, insects? Fine. But I have yet to see computer animation do real people very well. Well maybe the Final Fantasy movie, but you dont see them working on a sequel do ya?

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